10 Best Higher Institutions in Canada for International Students


Canada is the home to many prestigious higher institutions. This is the main reason why the country is a favorite choice among international students. These students can choose any program they want once they are qualified.

More so, there’s no need to worry about cultural differences because the country embraces cultural diversity. Interested applicants need to get their Canada study permit and pass the language test either in English Language or French if they are serious about studying in Canada.


Here are some of the top universities in Canada you should consider as an international student.

1.      University of Toronto

The University of Toronto currently has international students from up to 160 countries. It’s a multicultural institution, so foreign students won’t have any issue adjusting the environment. Another thing is that it’s among the top universities where you can study medicine.


You will be joining the list of alumni like renowned writers and prime ministers if you study at the University of Toronto.

2.      University of British Columbia

Apart from featuring in the list of the best Canadian universities, the University of British Columbia UBC is rated as the 34th best institution worldwide. Scholarships, research work, and outstanding alumni all play a major role in making the institution to rank well. 

The University of British Columbia campuses is located in Kelowna and Vancouver. Students from hotter climate are often attracted to the Greater Vancouver Area due to the mild climate. Besides, you can easily find the mountains and beaches nearby.

3.      McGill University

McGill University is located in Montreal. The university is the first to launch a faculty of medicine in Canada and it’s still maintaining this standard as a top medical school.

There are currently around 31,000 students who have enrolled for over 300 degree programs in the institution.

4.      McMaster University

One of the things that distinguish McMaster University is its focus on research work, especially in health sciences. This institution is located in Hamilton and it’s not far from the Royal Botanical Gardens. It has been attracting students from over 90 countries since it was established.

Some of the popular faculties at McMaster University include medical sciences, humanities, sciences, engineering, and social sciences.

5.      University of Montreal (Université de Montréal)

The University of Montreal is the biggest francophone University in North America. The main campus is situated on the slopes of Mount Royal, Montreal. The majority of the students in this school are running undergraduate programs.

A lot of scientists, premiers, and successful business owners have graduated from the university. Students usually engage in sports such as hockey, badminton, and football.

6.      University of Alberta

This institution is a great option for students who want to delve into energy research. It offers a wide variety of unique programs that are related to this field. Around 70,000 organizations have emerged as a result of the collaborative effort of some alumni.

7.      University of Ottawa

Located in Ottawa, this university is the leading bilingual university globally. There are students from over 150 countries running programs in either English Language or French.

Some of the perks of studying at the University of Ottawa include lower tuition, cheaper rent, and having access to a world-class education.

8.      University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is situated in Waterloo, Ontario. This city is the core of ICT in Canada. The university is making significant progress when it comes to co-operative education progress.

It’s one of the institutions leveraging collaboration and innovation in this 21st century and offers programs like physical sciences and engineering.

9.      Western University

Western University runs over 400 undergraduate programs and 88 postgraduate programs. It has a population of over 38,000 students from around 121 countries. This London based university focuses on research work and excellent academic programs.

The campus is among the beautiful campuses in Canada with its stunning architecture, study spaces, and landscape.

10.    University of Calgary

The University of Calgary was established in 1966 in Calgary, while the Doha Campus was unveiled in 2007. It has a population of over 30,000 students among which are 3,000 foreign students from more than 125 countries. This university runs many research centers and institutes.

Eligible students can enroll for kinesiology, commerce, engineering, and other programs.

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