6 Signs of Fake Work Abroad job Opportunities


Prospective immigrants are often advised to secure a job before traveling to their preferred countries. Although the job application process in this age is mostly via the internet, one has to err on the side of caution to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous individuals.

There is a higher chance of encountering fake job opportunities than in the past decade. Without much ado, here are some tips for identifying fake work abroad job opportunities.


An offer that’s too good to be true

Some of the perks that often accompany such job offers include free accommodation, visa and work permit. Scammers take this step to lure unsuspecting immigrants.

There is a high chance that they will ask for a certain sum of money to help you process the job offer at the end of the day.  


The first step you should take whenever you come across this type of job offer is to do your due diligence. Search engines like Google can reveal pertinent information about the company. It’s risky to take any hasty decision when you face a similar situation.

Check the company name online and ascertain whether they are recruiting on their official website. It’s not surprising that scammers take advantage of platforms used by legit employers and job consultancy agencies.

Zero experience required

Be wary of job offers that require no experience or skills. You are even expected to come with some skills or experience if you’re applying for an entry-level job.

At times, a scam job will promise that you only need to work from home for just a few hours and earn lucrative salaries. Most of these jobs come with vague descriptions and limited information. Check the company’s information online and don’t be carried away by unverified claims.

A request to pay some amount of money

Job seekers who have been rejected in the past will likely fall into this trap. Most of them are desperate and would be willing to part with their money just to secure employment.  

Truth be told, no reputable employee or job placement agency will ask a potential employee to pay any amount. Companies pay the latter for their services. Your best bet is to ignore this type of offer.

Lack of professionalism

Although most scammers believe that they are smart, it’s the little things that usually give them away. This is the reason why you must not overlook mistakes in their job offer emails and adverts.

Look out for suspicious or no contact information, wrong punctuations, grammatical, and spelling errors as you read the emails. The email may even be sent from a personal account with the excuse that the company’s server has issues.

Their interview can also be scheduled over the phone. Once you notice any of these mistakes, there is no need to consider them or reply to their offer.

No application

Several job seekers apply for valid jobs during each recruitment period. It’s rare for an authentic company to offer you a job out of the blues without any effort on your part.

One of the strategies of scammers is to claim that they got your resume via the internet and a job offer is waiting for you.

Try to research the company to know if they are authentic and currently recruiting.

The need to share personal details

Scammers are always developing innovative ways to achieve their aims. Any recruiter or employer that asks for sensitive information like banking details, date of birth, passwords or address is a scam.

This is a major red flag that must not be ignored.  Hackers tend to employ this tactic and sadly, some people are still falling victim to them.

A reputable organization will never ask for any of this information before they can offer you a job. 

Final thoughts

The tips we’ve mentioned above will come in handy to identify fake job offers.

Even though scammers are not relenting in their efforts, there are still surefire ways to steer clear of online job scams and protect yourself.

Make sure that you rely on trusted agencies with a proven track record. These agencies will never engage in shady deals as all their operations are transparent. Working with them will give you peace of mind while you focus on other aspects of your immigration.

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