8 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Canadian Student Visa Application


Canada is among the top destinations for immigrants seeking quality education and exciting job opportunities. The country has been maintaining this high standard over the years.

Perhaps you’re ready to further your study in Canada, here are the costly mistake you must avoid when applying for the Canadian study permit.


1. Choosing the wrong study program

The program you choose matters as you apply for the Canadian study permit. It’s pointless to have a background in sciences and enroll for a business and finance course. Your program must align with your career goals.

Bear it in mind that some courses and institutions don’t meet the requirement for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Conducting thorough research will prevent your resources from going down the drain.


2.  Ignoring an SOP

The Statement Of Purpose (SOP) is also known as the letter of intent. A significant percentage of prospective international students fail to recognize its importance. You can leverage an SOP to reduce the chances of ending up with a rejected Canadian study permit application. Make sure that you provide the necessary information in this document.

3. Errors in the application form

The application process for every Canadian immigration program is incomplete without submitting an application form. Some of the common mistakes that students make at this stage include offering false information or skipping some sections. The former can attract a 5 years ban.

In case you’ve been rejected when applying to other countries or had a legal issue in the past, remember to indicate it. This is because such information will be revealed during the background check.

4. Relying on Unauthorized Agents

This mistake is often overlooked and can be traced to the lack of basic knowledge in Canadian immigration laws. According to the rules and regulations, only authorized consultants or agents can represent an immigrant or offer professional advice.

Most of the agents that offer their services to prospective international students are not authorized. You will be asked to fill an IMM5476 form and the visa officer must not detect any discrepancy.

5. Failing to arrange your paperwork

This careless mistake can make a student visa application to be rejected. It’s ideal to arrange your documents in line with the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) checklist without adding or removing anything.

Visa centers have varying requirements, so check the requirements for your country of residence.

6. Delaying your Application

Students can either apply online themselves or visit a visa application center. The latter is much better especially for applicants without any experience. Ensure that you apply once you’ve been offered admission to avoid any delays.

Check out other documents that you must attach to your application form:

  • A valid medical exam report showing that you’re in sound health and won’t jeopardize the lives of permanent residents and citizens. There is a high chance that you will undergo another medical exam once you reach Canada.
  • A police report stating that you’re not a criminal and have never been convicted with crimes such as kidnapping, murder or stealing.

7. Refusing to Provide a Letter of Motivation

The IRCC will likely reject an application if they are not convinced that the applicant is a bonafide student. However, an impressive letter of motivation will help you obtain your study permit faster.

It often contains details such as your academic goals and how achieving them can increase your chances of getting a good job in your home country among other things.

8. Not Revealing your Financial Status

Studying in Canada can be expensive and IRCC officials want to be certain that you’re financially strong. Make sure you submit all the required documents whether you have a sponsor or not.

Some of the evidence you need to present include:

  • Bank statements that are worth three months or longer.
  • Tax statements.
  • Proofs of employment. 
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