8 Tips to Get a Better Job in Canada as a Foreigner


Canada currently has a low unemployment rate and a booming economy which often lure several investors and foreign skilled workers. For most occupations, immigrants need a work permit before they can be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. However, there are exceptions in some cases.

Every employer who intends to employ an immigrant in Canada must get approval from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) which can also be referred to as a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Such employers must show that they can’t find the right permanent resident or Canadian citizen to fill the position. Another thing is that they must prove that their decision won’t hinder the growth of the Canadian labor market.

LIMA is a tough process and it’s important to avoid any mistakes.


There are LMIA-exempt work permits such as Intra-company transfers that are available for foreign workers. Other types of work permit you can apply for if you’re yet to get a job offer include:

  • Open spousal work permit
  • Working holidays
  • Post-graduate work permits
  • NAFTA work permits
  • Business visitors.

Experts in technology, science, social assistance, and the healthcare industry are in high demand. Having relevant skills in the field can give you a higher chance of securing a lucrative job and living a comfortable life in Canada.

Immigrants tend to face a lot of hurdles before getting jobs in the country even though the country offers several job opportunities. The truth is that certain positions are only open for permanent residents or citizens.  

What step can I take to land a good job in Canada?

Contact a recruiting agency

The first step is to get in touch with a reputable recruiting agency. Be wary of dealing with agencies that ask for a fee before you can enjoy their services.

Express Entry System

You can also move to Canada through the Express Entry System which is an ideal option for skilled workers with a decent amount of experience. Ensure that you’re eligible for this program to avoid wasting your resources.

International Experience Class

Foreigners without work experience who are around the ages of 18-35 can apply for the international experience class.


Developing sound networking skills can go a long way when searching for a job in Canada. It will be easier to get referrals and even understand the company’s culture if you have a solid network. Be deliberate about nurturing these relationships as the benefits can go beyond the professional level.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is designed for skilled workers with relevant work experience, skills, and academic qualifications to contribute to the economy of a particular province or territory. Get to know more about the province you’re planning to settle in before applying.

Special Work Permit Programs

You can apply for the special work permit program if you are a live-in caregiver or work in the agricultural sector.

Launch your startup

Perhaps you’re planning to launch your startup in Canada, you can achieve this dream and even get support through the startup visa.

Become an international student

Many immigrants opt for the educational route which can help them secure a PR card or job in Canada. This is a viable way to get the much-needed work experience to thrive in the Canadian labor market.

Once you complete your program at a recognized Canadian institution, you will go through an internship program. Individuals with stellar performance may be retained eventually. The major downside is that it’s an expensive option.

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