Best Paying Jobs for International Students in Canada


As a student in Canada it is important to get a good job to support yourself especially if you are an international student as the cost of education in Canada is not cheap. Any job which you can do after classes or during holidays will play a long way in your financials.

One of the great things about working in Canada is the fact that you get to include it in your CV (Curriculum Vitae) as Canadian work experience which will be very helpful when looking for a job after graduating. Some of you looking to work or immigrate fully after your studies will know that having Canadian experience is a huge point gained to your own advantage.


Now, when it comes to getting jobs as a student, you are definitely looking for the one which pays more per hour in order for you to make proper use of your time and get reasonable financial compensation for that time you exhausted. As a student, you always need cash and to be disturbing your parent or sponsor every time is not really good. This way you get to work for your own cash and reduce the burden off your sponsors.

Canadian authorities allow international students to take up part-time jobs during your studies to provide them a chance to financially support themselves. The main reason for writing this article is to tell you of the jobs you should consider as the return financially is worth it.


Top Paying Jobs for International Studies in Canada


This is a very popular kind of job and the return is quite nice. It is all about taking care and watching over the kids of your employer over a period of time. Most Canadian couples do go out on events and they need students to watch over their kids till the get back from such events. The pay normally ranges from $30 CAD/hr – $60 CAD/hr based on your negotiation skills and what the employees can afford.

Rideshare Driver

Ride sharing companies are spring up everywhere as the demand of ride sharing cars are on the increase. As an international student in Canada you need to take full advantage of this opportunity and get into the ridesharing business. Though you need a car and sign up in these companies and get paid. What you get though is based on the number of people you can move around but it can be from $18 CAD/hr – $35 CAD/hr.


International student rush over jobs like this as what you get can increase as any point depending on how good your service what. The restaurant or bar can decide to pay you $20 CAD/hr – $30 CAD/hr and also get tips from the customers.

Dog Walker

For dog persons and those who like taking dogs on walks, you can turn that hobby into a financial source. In Canada some individual due to their busy schedule might decide to outsource the dog walking and pay per hour. This can be from $15 CAD/hr – $55 CAD/hr depending on the clients.

These are the popular high paying jobs as an International Student in Canada and also part –time jobs in Canada that worth considering when looking into working as a student. There are still other jobs out there in the environment that you find yourself in to get a job and get another financial source.

    1. I m a refugee from africa in kenya i whant to work and live in canada with my family thank you

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