Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer


Thousands of immigration applications are denied every year due to one reason or the other. Immigrants are usually encouraged to hire reputable immigration lawyers. This can help them to have a faster visa application process.

However, there is hardly anyone who wants to encounter immigration fraud. There are certain scam immigration lawyers whose main goal is to rip their customers off and won’t deliver at the end of the day. It’s far better to avoid dealing with such scammers at all costs if you don’t want your resources to go down the drain.


The immigrants of this era are open to a plethora of options when it comes to choosing an immigration lawyer. Truth be told, you need to work closely with someone who can meet your needs and fit your budget. The immigration landscape is constantly evolving as the rules and regulations are being updated.  Check out some of the factors you must consider before hiring an immigration lawyer.

Professional qualifications

The first criteria that your lawyer must meet is that s/he must have graduated from a recognized law school with glowing reviews from the provincial law association.


Try to compare the information they provide to the one that’s available on the province bar association website. Make sure that the lawyer has a valid license to work in your locality. If a lawyer can’t provide their papers and other important information, then s/he is not the right one for you.


It’s best to hire an immigration lawyer that has been practicing for some years. There is a higher chance that they would be well versed in Canadian law. You can rest assured that this kind of lawyer will have your best interest and represent you well.

Payment terms

A reputable lawyer will be ready to explain the types of services that you will enjoy and the exact charge. This should be done with all transparency and honesty.

Another thing is that immigration lawyers will guide you through the step by step of the application process. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you will entrust the entire task to your lawyer.

Conduct a background check

Start by checking on Google for more information about the lawyers you would like to hire. This simple step has helped many immigrants to make well-informed decisions. There are certain third-party websites that rate attorneys based on different criteria too. You can use them to your advantage.

The next thing is to search for unbiased reviews and testimonials from those who have used their services. Be deliberate about reading both positive and negative reviews.

Discuss with your loved ones and colleagues, especially those who have gone through the immigration process. They can provide valuable insight into selecting the right immigration lawyer.  Lastly, visit their website to glean more information about their services. At this stage, you can compare different immigration attorneys before weighing your options. 


You will come across immigration lawyers with different fees. A lot of factors usually influence how these professionals set their rates. The bottom line is to hire a competent lawyer with affordable fees.

Ask for any extra costs before signing a contract. You won’t want to end up with a lawyer that’s difficult to afford their fees eventually.

Clear communication

This factor is very important when choosing an immigration lawyer. You need to find out how fast they respond to issues and the channels where they are most active. Besides, you must confirm whether they are trustworthy and can offer sound legal advice.

One of the best ways to discover if a lawyer can communicate effectively is to be observant during your first meeting. Don’t hesitate to ask them relevant questions as you share your expectations regarding the immigration process.

Get to know their success rate and some of the clients they’ve worked with in the past. Their response can help you to quickly make your final decision.

Area of specialization

In this type of situation, it’s risky to hire just any lawyer. Although taking this step will likely help you to save extra money, you may not get satisfactory results at the end of the day. Given this, opt for a lawyer who specializes in immigration laws.

Such a lawyer must have handled similar cases like yours in the past successfully.

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