Top Paying Jobs in Canada You Must Know As an Immigrant


Knowing the top paying jobs in Canada is very important before you start your immigration process as this will help in showing you what to expect from your field when you immigrate. Canada is a lovely country and their minimum wages are friendlier unlike other countries out there.

As you know sometimes or most times the jobs that pay well are more demanding than others which is also something you should look at. Some duties and responsibilities of some jobs are time draining and so on. Getting a good job in Canada depends on your field and what you are offering to the organization such as your experiences, skill set and education; all these factors come into play when determining the salary you are going home with.


So, we have gone ahead to put a list of top paying jobs in Canada out there and see where your field falls into in order to know what to expect from jobs like this when you come to Canada but also you should know that the salary attached here can be a little bit different depending on the province or area you are in Canada as it is not the same throughout the whole country.

List of Top Paying Jobs in Canada


A pharmacist in Canada with a good amount of knowledge will be able to earn from $65,000 CAD – $144,000 CAD yearly all depending on the pharmacist work experience and also the educational background in or out of Canada.


Registered Nurse

A registered Nurse is a much demanded Job in Canada, but the nurse must be registered as a nurse by the Canadian authorities before such kind of income can be allocated to such a nurse. A registered Nurse in Canada will earn in Canada about $50,000 CAD – $90,000 CAD per annum.

Software Engineer

Information System is one of the most rewarding profession out there in the world, you need to know that Canada is ready to pull a lot of IT professions into their country as it helps in the long run in developing the country technology level in the world.

The income depends on the engineer because a lot of them normally have a 9-5 job but also indulge in freelancing job online and also offline so it largely depends on the person and the willingness to work.

Business Analyst

We hear a lot about business analyst and how they enjoy the riches of the business environment, well it is not different when It comes to Canada as they earn quiet an huge amount of starting salary which can be as high as $70,000 CAD per year.

Project Manager

This is a nice field to belong to when it comes to developed countries such as Canada as they are well depended for projects and handling of the projects. They can earn from $53,000 CAD to $170,000 CAD per year

Chartered Professional Accountant

Accounting is a great profession in any country as accountant are needed in all organization which makes it a much needed service or profession in all business aspects. If the accountant is now a chartered accountant which takes it a level higher than expected. The wage of a chartered account can start or average from $ 65,000 CAD per year.

Account Manager

An Account manager which almost sound similar in roles with an accountant but they are different in their functions. An account manager can earn close to $ 55,000 CAD – $101,000 CAD.

Medical Doctor

One of the hottest profession out there especially during this period of corona virus, the need of doctors have increased and therefore the income level has also increased due to the stress they go through currently. The world need more medical Doctors and they can earn from $75,000 – $170,000 CAD per year all depending on their roles and responsibilities.

These are the top paying jobs currently in Canada, if your field is not here don’t feel discouraged as they also earn a lot when compared to where you are immigrating from and also if you have an opportunity to change fields or you are willing to thinking of changing field you can pick up this list to streamline your options.

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