[Case Study] 15 Dropshipping mistakes you should avoid

In dropshipping, There are better chances of success. however, if you fail to avoid these dropshipping mistakes, it will cost you a lot.

Previously, I wrote an article on how to start a dropshipping business. In case you missed it, you can find it here. https://www.mktprofit.com/start-dropshipping-business/

Dropshipping is a fast-growing internet business that anyone can start, it involves adding products from suppliers shop to your own shop and sell directly to your customers as if you own the products.

Now, it looks as if dropshippers are only concerned about adding products from the supplier’s shop. What happens to customers’ satisfaction?

Suppliers are not concerned about that. Should anything go wrong, it will all land on your own head.

To keep any business afloat, customers have to be satisfied. What do you think would happen if one buys a product and get a completely wrong product? Or even a faulty one.

Trust will be gone! But that’s not what we want to talk about…

To avoid stories that touch the heart, please pay attention to these dropshipping mistakes and avoid them by all means.

Dropshipping mistakes you must avoid

1. Targeting the wrong audience

Targeting audience
targeting the wrong audience

The worst thing that can happen to any drop shipper is targeting or choosing the wrong audience.

There is “Niche” in every market. And you must carefully choose yours, not for choosing sake, but because that’s where the money is!

Don’t try to sell all kinds of products to all kinds of people, you will only be frustrated and be forced to leave the business.

As a starter, you are going to choose Not a niche you are passionate about, but a niche that has potential, and is already making money for people.

Who ur passion help? We are talking about money…

Conduct research and know which kind of people buys what kind of product and how often they buy.

2. Not finding the right product for your niche?

There are thousands of products on the market, but what kind of products actually fits in? Do you think because your niche is on health care, you can sell all kinds of health care products?

Of course, you can! But what good will it be, if you add products that 99% of your audience don’t even need?

It is very necessary to have a product idea before starting a dropshipping business.

Getting a product idea involves finding out what kind of product related to your niche sells most on other eCommerce platforms and what people are actually searching for.

When I started dropshipping last year, I targeted women who wear (undies to be precise). I made this mistake of adding all women underwear I find on aliexpress, expecting good sales.

But what happened? I noticed most of the undies I added to my shop were out of trend, and my target audience does not like them. So, what happened? I was disappointed with my sales.

If I had made proper research, I would have come up with a good idea and increased sales.

3. Trying to sell worldwide

So you want to sell worldwide? That’s good, but not as a beginner. Because you will get lost in the process.

Every business should have a start point. As a drop shipper, you are advised to start with a place where you believe eCommerce sales are booming. Places like the US and the UK are good to start with.

If you are in a developing country where there is still doubt in the space, then It’s not a good idea to sell to such a country. Target a region where there are a majority of online shoppers, and expand as you grow your business.

4. Not worrying about your Customers

Don’t feel relaxed because you don’t keep inventory. trust me,

I said it earlier, suppliers care less about your customers, and are more concerned about selling their products.

Customers are the ones who make your business grow. If they are not satisfied, you will be on the losing end.

Mind you, If a customer receives a faulty product, and give negative feedback on it, other people who may want to buy them will be forced to change their mind.

So the best thing you should do like a drop shipper who cares about his customer’s satisfaction is research and find out which supplier is trustworthy to work with.

5. Depending on one supplier for so long

Don’t have all your eggs in one basket! Every drop shipper should have a second plan.

Imagine after spending so much time researching and getting as much information as you can and your supplier decides to cut you off! meanwhile, you have orders waiting for fulfillment.

You will only have to cancel those orders and start looking for another supplier, right?

But if you have two to three suppliers, you can easily mover your orders to another if one fails you.

6. Selling copyrighted products

Almost all of us make this mistake. And it is not always noticeable! You cannot sell any product that is registered trademark or registered copyrights of another person or company if you don’t have the permission to.

Ariana Grande was sued by a Las Vegas Artist for copyright infringement over her video for “God is a woman” and was charged a huge sum of money.

If you come across branded products, with the company’s logo, slogan, or any other thing that is owned by a company, If you don’t have permission to sell them, please don’t!

So many Shopify stores are being shot down for this.

7. Having a slow website

How fast should your website load?

As fast as it can be!

Research according to experts stated that 45% of website visitors bounce back immediately if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Don’t think that’s true? See what Viki Green said about Load time and website performance.

Now, do you know how fast your website loads? Let’s find out…

Google has a free tool called “page insight“. This tools will display the page speed as well as the load time of your website on both mobile and desktop devices.

Just log on to page insight and put in your website URL and see results for yourself.

How to make your site load faster

If you want to improve your website speed, you should follow the following steps:

1. Get a good web hosting plan.

No matter how hard you try to make your site load faster, if your web server is not as fast, it will technically affect your effort.

To help you select a good web hosting service with a fast server, we recommend Desire Athow’s 9 best web hosting services for your website

2. Use caching plugins

WordPress users have an advantage over here. The use of plugins such as Wp Super Cache and W3 Total Cache can help improve your website load speed by minifying your JavaScript and CSS.

3. Image optimization

The use of high-quality image can slow the speed of a website. It is necessary to reduce the quality of your images – but not too much

There are also plug-ins that can help optimize your images, such as EWWW Image Optimizer.

8. Not editing the product page

To look more professional, and for the sake of SEO, you should make your product page unique.

Some Drop shippers always import products and publish them without editing the product page. But the truth is; you can never rank such a page on Google or any search engine.

To make your product page stand out, you should edit the title, description and if possible, the entire page. Add more information that will make your customers want to visit your site first.

9. Refusing to use a high-quality product image

Product Image - dropshipping mistakes

Images speak louder than descriptions and titles. If product images are not clear enough, you may be losing potential customers.

When people come to a shop to buy some products, they need to see the physical appearance of the products they are buying. the same thing goes to eCommerce, no one buys a product without seeing an image of the product.

So, to succeed as a drop shipper, you should always present your products in stunning high-quality images.

10. Not having a strong return and refund policy

What are the return and refund policies? are they really important?

When you start a dropshipping business, you know within yourself you are just a middle man between your customers and suppliers, but your customers don’t know it that way! They see you as the owner of the products they are buying.

So your Return and Refund policy should make it clear to them if they should expect a refund or not.

Here comes the problem.. If they don’t get a refund, you are chasing 95% of customers away!

Because there are tendencies that an online shopper gets a faulty product, maybe one that got broke on the process of shipping.

How to handle Returns and Refunds in dropshipping

Even if you have not gotten any yet, you soon will. Things can get messy with your customer and they request a refund. With that being said, it is important to understand your supplier’s return and refund policy and work with it.

Very important! Read it carefully.

If actually they accept returns and refund full payment, then, you have no problem with that. When you get a refund request, you can ask your customers to send in the faulty product which you will send back to the supplier and get a refund for them.

11. Not planning for proper promotion strategy

The internet is already crowded. if you rely on direct traffic to build an empire in your dropshipping business, you are only killing your time.

SEO is really very important, but do not rely on it. Instead, plan a way to promote your shop across the web. Not some free promotions though. Investment of “money” is needed.

A little amount of money yo invest in adverts can make you a millionaire in the nearest future. For example, When I promoted Expertnaire (a Nigerian Affiliate marketing) I ran an advert with ₦250,000 ($687.46) and made ₦ 4,500,000 ($12374.20) within two months.

That’s enough catch, right?

12. Having a bad website structure

The structure of your website can also affect your effort. When I talk about website structure, it’s not just about the design, though it is included.

Talking of website structure here, I mean how the website is set up, how pages and sub-pages link to each other.

Proper use of categories and tags helps in structuring a website, especially, eCommerce websites.

13. Neglecting SEO

Even though you should not rely on SEO, Neglecting it completely is the worst mistake you can make.

Just because you cannot rank a new dropshipping eCommerce website immediately does not mean you cannot rank it in the future. SEO is very important to the growth of every website, most especially, Ecommerce websites. So why neglect it?

I followed a facebook group and read where someone says: “Good Bye SEO, Welcome Google ads”. I smiled because that person doesn’t even know what SEO is.

So, let me tell you, Even with paid ads, SEO is still needed. Because you can not perform very well on paid ads if you don’t know anything about SEO. Otherwise, you will pay a lot of money to archive very little results.

14. Giving up so early

Rome they say was not built in a day! In every new thing you start, you must be ready for failure as well.

When you set up a dropshipping business, do not expect to make a lot of money immediately. The money will come, but give it time.

When I started, I spend my first six months building trust across all social platforms. and spend over ₦ 300,000 on adverts.

I was spending, and being patient, hoping my hustle will pay in no distance time. and BOOM! it paid.

So, give it time!

15. Not building list

If you don’t have an email list, You have not started a business yet!

List building is very important in every internet business, most especially, in the dropshipping business. If you have a list of email subscribers, you can easily send out emails to them, telling them about your products while you build a relationship with them.

There is no internet business owner who is not building a list, I am yet to see.


There are Ups and Downs of every business. Dropshipping has Its own! But If you carefully avoid all of these dropshipping mistakes you should have no reason to fail!

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