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5 Types of websites That Makes The Most Money

Do you wonder why some websites generate more money than others? It is simple, The types of websites and the nature of the market.

In this post, I am going to show you different types of website that generates more revenue than others. I will also show you examples of such a website and how to launch your own website.

#1. Classified Ads Websites.

Classified ads websites are getting millions of traffic monthly because people are looking for discounts and cheap products to buy. Such websites make more money as long as traffic keeps coming in.

Example of Classified ads website:


Monetization methods:

  1. Boosted ads
  2. AdSense

With Boasted ads: you charge “X” amount of money for “X” period of time to get one’s ads to the top of other listings. Believe me, people hate to see their ads buried at the bottom of a page that is why more and more listing owners will surely boost their ads to come first in its category.

The More Boosted ads you get, the more money you make.

Take for instance, if you charge $20 for a period of  three days for boosted ads, and you get about 50 boosted ads, you will be making :

$20 X 50 = $1000 in just three days.

Take a look at, you will discover there are more boosted ads than normal free listings in just any category. And that is how they make their money in millions.

AdSense: You can also monetize your classified ads website with AdSense and make thousands of dollars every month.

If for example, your Classified ads website is getting up to 1 million monthly traffic, then you should be making between $3,000 to $6,000 monthly.

How to create a classified ads website:

WordPress is capable of building any kind of website. To create a Classified ads website with WordPress, you only need to install WordPress as you would, when creating a blog (see How To Create A Blog). And then get a theme and plugin that has been designed for Classified ads from ThemeForest. That’s all.

#2. Blogs

Blogs are very popular. They are everywhere on the internet. As a matter of fact, what you are reading right now is a blog. Blogs can be classified according to Niches and Topics, For Example, “Health Blogs”, “Make Money Online Blogs”, “Entertainment Blogs”, etc. Each of these categories of blogs has its own profit potentials.

Examples of Blogs:

  1. Lindaikejisblog
  2. Techpoint
  3. Oscarmini

Monetization Methods:

  1. AdSense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Direct Ads Space
  4. Sponsored Stories

Affiliate marketing works fine with Niche Blogs, i.e. Blogs that focus on a particular topic. For example, a Health Blog can promote and sell health-related materials and food supplements. You sell products even when you do not own them and make money.

Direct ads Space – If you have enough traffic to your blog, advertisers can contact you directly to display their ads on your blog and pay you for that. Direct ads space costs around $500 to $1000 for a period of 30 days, but if you have high traffic to your blog.

Sponsored Stories – Companies and businesses can write a piece of article on the products and services they offer and hand it to you to publish on your blog as sponsored/promoted stories. You can sure charge them around $700 for a high traffic blog.

How to create a blog:

Creating a blog is easy, just follow the steps explained in this post.

#3. Magazines & news websites

Everybody wants to know what is happening around them, that is why magazines and news websites are very popular these days. Though there is completion in the market, if you can survive the competition, it can make you millions of dollars in profit. That is why almost all local news companies now have an online presence.

Examples of magazine sites:

  1. News24

Monetization methods:

  1. AdSense
  2. Sponsored Stories
  3. Display ads

AdSense works better with this kind of website because of its features. Some popular news sites make $3000+ every week. see lindaikejisblog wealth analytics according to

How to create a news and Magazine website:

In as much as you can write a news article, there is no special way of creating such website. Just install WordPress and get a news theme from ThemeForest.

My favorite news and magazine theme is MagicMag

#4. “X” rated Sites

𝔭𝔬𝔯𝔫 sites are really very popular. people spend really quality time on them and that is the reason why it can generate huge money, Because the more traffic to a website, the more money it makes.

Example of “X” rated sites:

  • 89(dot)com
  • Brazzers(dot)com
  • XVideos(dot)com

Monetization Methods:

  • Memberships
  • Display Ads
  • Pay-As-You-Go

Membership: Paid membership is a good way to make money from a website, but that is if such a website offers what people really love. This kind of website can sell membership to premium members who want to use premium services such as “connections”, “live webcam”, etc. and make huge money.

Display ads: Owners of such websites can as well display adverts of other adult rated websites and charge them according to the duration of ads. There is also an ad network for publishers such as JuicyAds where owners of this kind of website can register and display their ads, and get paid.

Pay-As-You-Go: If you have premium Videos on your website, you can also charge Non-premium members who want to watch them as little as $5 per video. Believe me, you are going to make it in as much as people keep coming to your website.

How to create Adult rated websites:

You can also make this kind of website with WordPress. You only need to get an adult theme from wpadultthemes and install it on your WordPress site. See how to install a theme

#5. Coaching & LMS websites

This may be the last in my list, but believe me, it is not the least. Coaching is a BIG DEAL! it can channel up to $10,000 every day if you know what you are doing.

Examples of Coaching & LMS websites:

Monetization methods:

  • Selling Courses
  • Affiliate Marketing

selling Courses: People like to watch you narrate things and show them how to do something they do not know. That is why video courses are selling more than anything on the internet.

You can sell a video course up to $999 per course. Oh, that’s too much though, but I have seen Tai Lopez sell one of this course for that amount.

Affiliate marketing: Even as you teach people through your courses, you can introduce them to an affiliate offer and provide them the link to that product. Certainly, 70-80% of your students will definitely buy.

How to create a Coaching & “Learning Management System” website

Still ith WordPress, you can create a fully functioning LMS website. You will have to install an LMS plugin on your WordPress website, and probably an LMS theme. Get Them from Themeforest.

Above are the 5 Types of websites That Makes The Most Money.

Now, Its Over To You…

What kind of website do you want to create? As for me, I love Blogging a lot! but I would love to create a Classified ads website if I had to.

Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

  1. What about AMAZON? lol!

    • Oh, I omitted E-commerce websites. Amazon which is a good example of E-commerce is worth about $19 billion. 😂 But you seriously need to invest more money to make more money. 😂

  2. Social networking websites and search websites also do well, considering Google, YouTube, and Facebook have kind of dominated the internet. Certainly these can make serious money, but Google alone is worth $21 billion. E-Commerce also does relatively well considering Amazon is worth about $19 billion alone and eBay is worth about $7 billion. Paypal I think is worth at least $5 billion. I bought shares in these companies and they have helped me financially. Great blog post and useful.

  3. Reply
    Ntensibe Edgar Michael
    February 19, 2020 at 10:46 am

    Hhhhhmmmmm….if you say so! I plan on igniting the finances from my blog, in the next few months or a year, probably.

  4. It was really interesting to read the ranking for websites that make the most money online! I had no idea Classified Ads Websites were number 1!

  5. I have to really focus on improving my blog. I know it has the potential, it just needs more of my time and a lot of tender, loving care.

  6. I am still trying to figure out newer ways to get more visitors reading my blogs. I feel that that perhaps would help me to start using the techniques you have given here to start earning more. Very valuable inputs. Thanks.

  7. Great insight. I just recently monetized my blog. Hoping to make money this year off of monetizing it.

  8. Great info – I’m also trying to monetize my blog, so everything I learn helps.

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