8 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Study in Canada


The number of international students in Canada is increasing at an unprecedented rate. A lot of factors are responsible for this recent development. Let’s take a look at why Canada is now the number one destination for millions of international students.


Even though tuition is more expensive in Canadian institutions than in other countries, some students are not allowing that to hold them back. The good thing is that they can sponsor their education via scholarships among other means.


The province you live in will determine your cost of living and tuition to a great extent. Apart from that, students who enroll in the sciences and engineering programs often pay more than the ones studying arts and humanities courses.


Security has become a major issue in both developed and underdeveloped countries. The crime rates in most big cities are appalling. Understandably, several parents consider this factor when it’s time for their children to go to college.


There is no need to worry because Canada is a safe country with a very low crime rate. Nevertheless, you still need to take security measures.

World-class education

Canadian universities are ranked among the top institution worldwide. The universities take standard academic work and research seriously. The educational system in the country supports the building of transferable skills with the latest technological tools.

Most of the undergraduate programs tend to take up to 3-4 years while post-graduate programs range from 1-3 years.

Unlimited opportunities

Canada embraces students from every continent without any discrimination. It’s not surprising that the student population is diverse.

Foreign students are free to work while on campus and it doesn’t matter whether they have a work permit or not. More so, such students can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) once they complete their program.

Students are usually encouraged to gain work experience upon graduation. You can take advantage of the work program and continue living in the country. As time goes on, you may apply for permanent residency and qualify for the preferred status.

Access to cutting edge technology

Without mincing words, Canadian institutions pioneered the move of linking schools and libraries to the internet. The country is currently is making progress when it comes to internet penetration rates.

Staying connected with your loved ones is easier because you can use free Wi-Fi nearly everywhere in Canada.

Explore Canada’s scenery

Canada has several beautiful landscapes that locals and tourists tour year in and out. Perhaps you’ve wanted to delve into skating or skiing, you will have ample opportunity to do that during the cold season.

Consider exploring the Rockies and Lake Louise in Alberta, fjords of the Saguenay, Jasper National Park in Alberta, and the Niagara Falls in Ontario to mention a few. 

Impressive quality of life

Canada is among the countries that offer an excellent quality of life. The costs of transportation, accommodation, education, and likes are lower when compared to some countries. The rights of individuals are also duly protected under the law.

Look forward to an enticing cultural experience

Since you want to succeed academically, there is nothing wrong with having fun too. Brace yourself for the adventures that await you at the country’s cultural scene.

Music lovers are always thrilled at the Montreal International Jazz Festival while sports enthusiasts usually anticipate hockey matches. You can never run out of fun activities when you’re in Canada and your budget size doesn’t matter.

One of the advantages of living in a bilingual country is that it helps to hone one’s language skills. French and English language is part of Canada’s educational system. So get ready to thrive in a bilingual environment.

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