How to start Affiliate Marketing with Amazon and earn $3000+ per month

In today’s post, we are going to show you how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon Associate Program and earn over $3000 every month.

You will Learn how to sign up for Amazon affiliate program, how to start an Amazon affiliate website from scratch, how to build an audience, how to pick the best selling Amazon products to sell, etc.

Basically, you will learn how to become an Amazon affiliate expert in just 45 mins of reading this blog post.

Are you ready for this? Come closer to your Computer.

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What is Amazon Associate Program?

Before we get started, let me tell you how Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon Associate Program) all started. First, what is Amazon? And who’s behind it?

Amazon is an ecommerce website founded on the July 1994, by Jeff Bezos, An American Entrepreneur who is also rated “The richest my alive” by forbs. Amazon is the world leading ecommerce, generating over 280.5 Billion dollars yearly from selling products and services.

In 1996, after chatting with a woman about how she wanted to sell books from Amazon directly on her website, Bezos gave it thought and came up with an idea to pay her a compensation fee whenever she drive a sale. And that was how Amazon associate program was launched.

Amazon Affiliate Program is giving all publishers an opportunity to make money online. It does not require much work, you only need to add an affiliate link to your site and make money when someone buys a product through your affiliate link.

Here is how it works in picture:

Publishers adds links to amazon product on their website, if a website user clicks on those links and take action (Buy a product) within 24hrs, they (publishers) get paid.

It’s really that easy.

The amount you are paid varies on the product(s) the customer you referred purchased. For example, if a product costs $400 with a commission rate of 4%, then you receive $16.00 the number of times the product is purchased through your links.

Furthermore, if the customer you referred did not later bought the product you promoted, and later end up buying a totally different one, you still get paid for that product they purchase provided it did not exit 24hrs window.

Why Amazon Affiliate Program?

Whether you are looking for alternative ways to monetise your blog without offering a service or displaying ads from Google AdSense program or other advertising networks, The BIG option is to start Affiliate marketing with Amazon.

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the best affiliate programs you will make enough money from, especially if you are new to the system.


Because Amazon is a BIG name. Everyone knows it. It won’t be difficult to make your first affiliate commission if you are a complete novice to internet profits.

According to feedvisor, 89% of buyers in the United States admit they are most likely to buy from Amazon than any other eCommerce website. That means people who land on amazon through your affiliate link are already familiar with the name and have probably bought one or two products from them in the past. So they are most likely to buy again.

Another stats from statistia that will blow your mind…

Amazon Prime subscribers In the United States has grown to 112 million active subscribers. That is almost half of the total population in the United States.

“Amazon prime (cost $199/yr) is a paid subscription service where members are given a wide host of benefits, apps and discounts.”

Again, this is also a good sign that you will definitely make money promoting Amazon products on your blogs and websites.

Amazon also reported that small and medium businesses sell over 4000 items per minute on the Amazon marketplace. And it could only be possible with Affiliates promoting around.

In general, Amazon is a perfect place to start promoting affiliate products. With over 12 million products available for sale, you can promote as many as you can, and make all the money.

How to start affiliate marketing with Amazon

If you are ready to start making money with amazon, let’s start with the first step…

  • Pick the right niche
  • Crate a Blog
  • Register on Amazon associate platform
  • Pick products to promote

Pick the right niche

Niching down to a topic has always been a secret of maximising internet profits.  The truth about making money online through affiliate marketing is building an audience around a niche where there is more demand for products and services.

I usually call this a hungry market

Unless you are smart enough to find such niche, you won’t be able to make money as an affiliate marketer.

By the way, what’s a Niche?

My favourite definition is what the guys behind used on their blog. Here is now they defined it:

“A niche is a subset of a larger market with its own particular needs or preference, which may be different from the larger market.”

Let me try to break it down a little with some examples.

In a smartphone market, “Smartphone for Business Men & Women” would be a niche market. As well as “smartphone cases” and “smartphone accessories”. These would all be niche markets within the smartphone space.

If you have been reading MKTProfit blog for a while, you will notice I focused our articles on showing people how to make a profit from what they are already doing on the internet. That happens to be the niche of this website.

Choosing a niche is very important. You cannot solve everyone’s problem at a time, so you must choose a set of people with similar kind of problem and provide solution in other to make money.

For example, you can build an audience who are “women” and interested in “fashion” so you can promote Amazon products related to women fashion to them such a “women shoes”, “handbags”, etc. You can even go a bit down to target a specific age range, for example, “women between the ages of 25 to 40 who love fashion”.

If you keep building random audience, you will find it very difficult to sell.

Now, you may be wondering how to choose the right niche for amazon affiliate marketing, and build the right audience around it. I have a quick guide for you.

How to pick the right Amazon niche

I am going to keep it simple. Finding the right Amazon niche should focus on these factors:

  • The niche must interest you
  • The niche must be selling
  • The Niche should be evergreen.

The Niche must Interest you:

A fast way of selling affiliate products is providing well researched article written around the product you are promoting. And if you don’t have interest in that niche, how on earth will you be able to research and come up with amazing contents?

Always start by identifying your passion. If you have been browsing through Amazon for a while, then Amazon will be able to identify your interest and customise your home feed based on your previous activities. You can start your niche research from here.

The niche must be selling:

First, you should choose a niche where there is a high demand for products. Amazon made it really easy to find the best selling products on its platform. Visit to view all the bestselling products.

If there are two or more products from a particular category, then it is a sign that the category is selling. For example, if you find products often used in the kitchen, you should consider “kitchen utensils” to be selling. And starting an affiliate blog around the “Food Niche” is a good idea.

The niche should be evergreen:

While trends and fads may go away, Evergreen niches always remain profitable. An evergreen niche is a niche that won’t go away any time soon. A niche that gains momentum year after year.

For example, the “Fitness Niche” and the “Health Niche”. People have been intentionally staying fit and living health (or at least trying to live healthily) for thousands of years.

Such is an example of an evergreen niche. Jeff Lenney has a helpful list of 100+ Profitable Niches. Check out his blog.

To know if a niche is an evergreen, take a look at trends in Google Trends. It will be able to predict the future and lifetime of a Niche.

Creating A Blog for Amazon Affiliate marketing

To communicate your idea about a product, you need a blog. Amazon is a well-established electronics commerce platform, and also a very popular one around the world. People would buy anything they need straight from Amazon, but the problem is people do not even know what they need.

Come to think about it, why do people search for recommendation based keywords such as “Best iPhone below $400” And “iPhone X vs Samsung galaxy s10″?

It’s obvious people need some guide.

61% of the people cannot buy without reading 3-4 blog posts about that product they want to buy. Which is why you need to start a blog right away.

Blogging is the key to internet profits, and it can be started independently, or along with a business website.

You need a domain name and a webhost to create an amazon affiliate blog. You can get it from BlueHost starting from $2.95 (with free domain).

Once you buy a hosting plan, BlueHost will help you install WordPress in a single click. For more information, read my guide on how to start a blog from scratch.

You can also use blogger if you cannot afford the annual hosting cost, but you definitely need a domain name. Godaddy is selling their domain name for $0.99/yr for the first year.

Once your blog is ready, head over to and choose a theme/template that best fits you niche.

Rehub is a multipurpose affiliate theme for WordPress, recommended by Amazon. The theme is very flexible and packed with so many functions and can be used in every niche.

If you are on the blogger platform, I suggest you buy the Magone Responsive blogger template. It is highly customisable, with a powerful admin dashboard.  The template can fit in in every space, including affiliate marketing.

Or still, you can download a free blogger template from bloggertheme9 or even create your own theme/template using TemplateToaster.

Once your blog site is ready, you can continue to amazon affiliate program registration.

Registering on amazon Associate Program

There are different country specific amazon. You should register with the one closest to you, or where your targeted audience base.

For example, if most of your readers are from the United Kingdom, then you should register with the United Kingdom version of amazon.

Below are list of amazon affiliate programs available in different locations:

Once registered and approved, Amazon will give you a unique ID.

This is what they use to track your referrals. When you have chosen an offer to promote from the amazon affiliate dashboard, Amazon let you automatically generate a product affiliate link using your referral ID.

This is how to make sure you get paid whenever you bring in a customer.

What should you promote? How to Choose a Product to sell

Amazon has about 12 million products in their shop. from audiobooks, to kindle, echo, electronics, fashion apparels, etc. so choosing a product won’t be a problem.

You shouldn’t promote every product you found on Amazon. Focus on your niche and understand your audience to know who they are, what they need and how to give it to them.

For example, if you are in the fashion industry, and most of your audience are women below 30yrs old who are interested in clothing, then you should be promoting things like women T-shirts and women hand bags

Now again, you should not promote all the products within your niche because your audience are interested in them. Start by promoting what’s hot, selling and also has a reasonable commission rate.

A good place to know what’s selling is the Amazon bestseller. It will list all the bestselling products of the month. Another good way to find out what’s selling on Amazon is filtering amazon category by rating. Products that has at least 3 – 5 start rating by different individuals are selling.

You can also use tools like SEMrush to analyse your competitor’s website to know what products they create their products around. 

Should you sell high-priced or low-priced products?

The truth is, Amazon affiliate commission is usually very little compared to other affiliate programs like ClickBank and JVZoo. If you keep promoting cheap products because they sell faster, you will end up making very little commission. Products like Bluetooth earpiece ($20) may sell faster, but you will only get about $1 in commission. Which means you may need to sell about 100 pieces to make $100.

In other words, high-priced products like Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB  may not be selling as fast as the earpiece, but they will always make you good commission . for example, 4% of a $499.00 Is $11.96. you only need to sell 10 pieces to hit $119.6.

Creating a product affiliate link

To get rewarded for promoting amazon products, you should create an affiliate link for every Amazon product you want to promote.

This is the link you will add to your content anywhere you want to mention or recommend a product.

To make things really easy, amazon has a tool right there in your Amazon associate central, where associates can generate a link with their affiliate ID.

Go to the product linking section in the AAC (amazon associate central) and click on the product linking dropdown. See image below.

Here you can choose a category and view all products within it. If you are looking for a particular product, you can enter its ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to find it.

The ASIN code can be found on the product URL and description.

If you want to search for a random product, just enter a keyword like “Halloween Costume” to get a list of costumes. From here, you can get the affiliate link of the product when you click on “Get Link”.

You can choose between text link, image link and text & Image link. Just copy the code to your blog content.

How to get the best result from Amazon associate program

Product Recommendation: Amazon Affiliate Profits Extended

You will be surprised how much affiliates make from Amazon affiliate program. I made $19,371.49 last year, which is even very little compared to $147,235.02 made by Jim Harmer (the guy behind

With my four years’ experience in affiliate marketing, I have come to realise there is only one thing that generates quick result, it is “targeted traffic”. And you can always get such traffic when you create a lot of contents in a very narrow niche.

A lot of people focus only on writing review posts. But the truth is that product reviews are not the only kind of content you should be creating.

How many review sites do you know that creates their reviews based on their own experience to help buyer purchase the right product?

They are just so rare. What most of them do is copy contents from other sites and edit them a little without even knowing anything about what they just published as a review. With that, reviews are everywhere, and people are really starting to get obsessed with it.

Instead of writing a review, create a content primarily for helping your audience solve a problem.

Before you make money online, you need to gain trust of your audience. And creating accurate, useful and highly actionable content is the way to that.

Make every content you publish the final answer to their question. Back it up with screenshots, stats, numbers and resources to make them believe you have a solution to their problem.

Take a look at this blog from

They don’t directly pitch any amazon product per se, but within the blog post, they link out to different amazon products, and make their commission without looking like some desperate marketers.

To create such copy, you should have a fair idea of what your audience are passing through, and how to help them overcome their problems.

As part of you affiliate content strategy, there are some kinds of articles you should produce, some of them include:

  1. Information content that relates to the  questions of your audience
  2. “best of” articles that list down the best products related to a particular topic in your niche
  3. Buyers guide that teaches how to buy a product that best suit a need
  4. Comparison post that compares the different features of a product
  5. “Best products under $X” that list products between a price range
  6. How to guides that teaches how to use a products

Of course, Reviews should not be left out. But make sure you have a good idea of the product / service you are going to review.

A good example of a review post is this one from Digital Trends And also, this one from Tom’s Hardware.

This kind of post converts faster. You can even review several products in a single post. Like this one from TechRadar

You can also combine two types of posts in a copy, for example, comparison posts and review post as used in this post in the image below.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is what you need to make money from the internet, whether with Amazon affiliate program or any other means of monetisation. Without traffic to your blog, there will be no way to make money online because you won’t be selling things to yourself.

People need to be aware of the awesome contents you put up on your blog, and they won’t find it naturally if you don’t promote it to them. So, you must invest more time in trying to get people to your blog.

There are different ways to do this. I have written an essential guide on how to increase a blog traffic earlier on this domain.

Have some time to spare?

Find out what more you can learn from here…

Thanks for stopping by. Please tell me how you feel about this guide. Use the comment section below.

Product Recommendation: Amazon Affiliate Profits Extended

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