Amazon Affiliate Marketing: An Incredibly Easy Way To Make Money

A lot of people have tried and failed in Amazon affiliate marketing. There are still some trying for the first time. Whichever category you belong to, I have good news for you!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a Big Deal! Believe it or not.

If you have not heard about the Amazon affiliate program, then give me 15 minutes of your time, and I will show you how to make from $2,500 to $25,000 in a month through the Amazon affiliate program.

I mean it! That’s not a joke.

Twenty-five thousand dollars isn’t too big to earn on the internet. Some of us are making more than that in a week! So get yourself relaxed on a Couch and read through each line excitedly. Believe me, you will not be disappointed at the end of this course.

What the heck is Amazon?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? In case you don’t, Amazon is the “largest” online marketplace in the world.

They are not only the largest online marketplace, but they are also reliable. When it comes to sharing revenue with their affiliates, they have a high commission rate.

As an Amazon affiliate, you have the backing of the most reliable and recognized brand in the online retail space. Because they are trusted, people won’t have a second thought to click on any link that leads to the Amazon product page.

What Amazon earnings look like?

Normally, for most affiliate programs out there, you only get paid when you drive sales to a specific product. That’s not the case with Amazon, You get paid whenever any purchase is recorded for anyone who lands on Amazon website through your referral link.

That means if you direct someone to a page on the kids’ store and they end up buying from the kitchen store, you still get a commission for that!

Now, let’s hit the hammer at the head of the nail.

The secrets of making $2,500 to $25,000 from Amazon Affiliate marketing

Disclaimer: This guide is guaranteed to make you a lot of money, but that totally depends on how you utilize it. In other words, I am responsible for what I say, and you are responsible for what you understand.

Step 1. Picking a hot niche:

Now you might be wondering “How can I get started”. Well, as in every aspect of digital marketing, you must have to start by thinking about what you are going to promote In other to make reasonable income through your amazon affiliate marketing effort. This leads us to pick a Niche!

First of all, you have to find out popular and best selling categories and start from there! To find out the best selling products, visit ““. There you will find out which products are popular among Amazon customers.

Another thing you will need to do is to find out the advertising fee rate of each product before choosing which product to promote.

This fee rates combined with the price of the final product rate determines the percentage commission you will earn.

High price OR low priced Niche?

I will always go for a high priced niche. You know why? Those are the products that will make you fat and steady profit even if they don’t sell as fast.

But they are perfectly okay compared to low priced products.

Let me give you an example…

Mr. Chike and Mr. Uche both joined the Amazon affiliate program.

If Mr. Uche was busy promoting low priced handbags while Mr. Chike was promoting high priced home theaters.

At the end of the day, Mr. Uche sold 80 handbags for $11 each and the percentage commission is 4% per sale.

If Mr. Chike were not able to sell up to 20 home theaters that cost $410, he could sell like 9 or maybe 10 at the same commission rate as Uche.

Let’s calculate their earnings…

4% of $11 = $0.44 X 80 = $35.2 for Mr. Uche

4% of $410 = $16.4 X 9 = $147.6 for Mr. Chike

Let’s continue…

Finding hot Amazon products to promote

Having selected a niche, the nest thing you will have to do is find the best selling products.

The best place to find this is at the Amazon bestseller page. Hop over to and there they are! The page is designed to make it extremely easy to find which product sells most.

Step 2. Setting up a website.

Here is where Mos unfortunate marketers fail. They want to have an affiliate website, but they don’t want to invest in the best tools to set it up.

Now, let me make something clear.

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, whether you are working with Amazon, eBay, cj, click bank, expertnaire or any other affiliate program, you must avoid free hosting, free platforms, nulled themes and plug-ins.

This is because you will have to look professional in what you do, and because you want the best out of it.

Free things come with limitations! So you should avoid Google’s Blogger as well.

Now, you may be wondering which platform to use… 🤔

Go with WordPress!

Setting up an Amazon affiliate marketing website is as easy as setting up a blog. You only need to:

  • Get a domain name and a web host.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Setting up themes and plugins
  • Enabling auto-blog (if necessary)

Now, let’s take them one after the other.

1. getting a domain name and a web host.

Before even proceeding to create a website, you must have to choose a niche in the previous section. Now, when choosing a domain name, it should be able to blend with the niche you choose.

If your niche is in the “health and wellness” for example, your domain name should be something like this: “” or “” – just anything that relates to your niche.

To choose a domain name, head over to a registrar and perform a domain search. When you find a domain, don’t be in a haste to buy yet! You will add it to your hosting package for free.

Choosing a web host

There are many web hosts out there! But what matters is choosing the right one for your project. Sean Garrity has compared the best 10 web hosts. Check it out!

I have personally worked with Bluehost, and their services are awesome! Their managed WordPress Package comes with a one-click WordPress install.

2. Installing WordPress.

like I said earlier, installing WordPress on Bluehost is so easy. just watch the video below..

3. Setting up themes and plugins

Because we are going to work with WordPress, let’s choose a theme with additional affiliate functions.

There are themes that can take care of this, but I am strongly recommending Rehub WordPress theme. Not because it looks beautiful, but because it is packed with some cool affiliate features, and it was created with Amazon Affiliate Marketing in mind.

Amazon itself recommended it!

Amazon recommended rehub theme

With Rehub theme, you can create all king of money generating websites, from Directories sites, price comparison sites, coupon sites, review systems, eCommerce websites, etc.

The theme also comes with some affiliate plugins and other plugins can also be used. It has full support for affiliate egg and content egg plugins to take your amazon affiliate website to complete autopilot.

4. Enabling Autopost

With the rehub theme, you can populate your site content even when you are asleep. content egg and affiliate egg autopilot take care of everything. Which means you will even be making money without publishing anything by yourself!

Step 3. Keep On Promotion!

You are not gonna make any sale if no one knows about your website. So, to make it known to the people, you should promote it across many channels and platforms. It does not necessarily have to be with money, but if you have the money, invest in it for a quicker result.

How to promote your website

You first have to identify where your targeted audience is. Facebook is the largest social network, you can start targeting your facebook audience and see how it works.

The best way to promote your affiliate website is to start building a list. Email outreach is the key to every form of internet marketing business.


Every Business needs hard work. Even if you follow the above steps without putting in your best and doubling your marketing efforts, you are not going to succeed with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Feel free to ask questions… Don’t forget to share with loved ones.

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