7 Cashback Apps to save more money doing your regular shopping

If you wish to save more money while doing your regular day to day shopping, then Cashback Apps is the way to go. These apps helps you get some Cashback rewards anytime you make a purchase online. You are not only saving money, but also making. Extra side income even without knowing it.

How it works?

In a nutshell, you will have to install an app, sign up and start earning your Cashback almost immediately. The amount of money you receive varies, depending on the Cashback app you use and the product you bought.

It is super easy! Also, many of these apps comes with extra features and benefits to help you earn more Profits. Like referral program where you earn more money for referring someone, and many others.

So, if you wish to make extra money while trying to save some money, this is definitely for you. You can save this post to read for later!

13 Best Cashback Apps To Save Money

Here are the 13 best Cashback Apps to save more money:

Cashback Apps

1. Fetch Rewards

Did you recently make a purchase? Keep that receipt for Cashback!

Fetch Rewards offers you a way to earn back some cash after you make a purchase. All you need to do is scan your receipt with the app and that’s it.

It is a free app that can be downloaded from app store. Once downloaded, there are multiple ways to score Cashback. These include:

  • SingleCare
  • E-receipts
  • Scanning your paper receipt
  • Referring a Friend

How to score Cashback

For SingleCare, you can earn points on your prescriptions and save upto 80% on prescription purchase.

You will receive a card that you can scan with your pharmacist and start saving with your prescriptions.

Then for the E-receipts, this is only applied to your online purchases. These is a way to link your Amazon account to the app to scan for your eligible purchases and automatically apply your Cashback as a point in your Fetch account.

You can redeem your points as gift cards, sweepstakes and more.

Another way to score Cashback is by scanning your receipts. Here , you simply use your phone app to scan your paper receipt to apply all Cashback rewards.

Lastly, the referral program rewards you for bringing your friends and loved ones to the platform. Fetch is currently offering 4000 points for every friend you bring to the community, and 2000 points also goes to your friend when they scan their first receipt.

Find out more information about Fetch Rewards Cashback system.

2. Rakuten

One of the best shopping platform that rewards you with cashbacks on your purchase is Rakuten. There are few ways you can use Rakuten to earn Cashback:

  • Shopping on their website
  • Using the mobile app
  • Through their Chrome extension

How to score Cashback

First, you need to register on Rakuten to get started. Everyone is free to register through their website and mobile app. From there, you need to find a retailer you will buy from.

Once you choose a retailer, Rakuten will activate their retail website and you will start shopping as normal.

When you buy any product, your Cashback will the applied straight to your Rakuten inbox at once.

There are thousands of retailers on Rakuten. You will find popular Marchants like eBay, Target, Kohl’s and so many of them.

Rakuten mobile app is super clean and easy to use. You stand the chance to save up to 40% Cashback in a single tap.

Using the chrome extension is another way to take advantage of Rakuten. You will need to download the extension to your browser.

Rakuten extension will activate each time you land on their partner website. A pop-up will be displayed, showing you how much saving you are eligible for if you make a purchase.

One you click the activate button, Rakuten will apply your Cashback to you account while you shop your favorite retailer site.

Learn more on how to use Rakuten for maximum Cashback

3. Dosh

Another app that lets you save a lot of money on everyday purchase is the Fish. The app has gone into partnership with tons of local and national retailers to save you money on your purchase.

How to score Cashback

After installing the Dosh app, the app will locate their partner retailers near your area, along with their Cashback offers. You can choose which store you want to shop and your Cashback will be applied to your Dosh account after shopping.

Dosh also works for online shopping too. To use Dosh for Cashback, you need to link your credit/debit card to the app, so that when you buy from a Dosh partner with the card, you will get Cashback instantly to your Dosh account.

You can cash out your earnings once it reaches $25. And it can be paid to your bank account, PayPal or other options.

Learn more about Dosh Cashback here

4. Ibotta

Want to save money on Groceries? Use the Ibotta app. It is a free app that offers many ways to save money. Savings takes place in both online and in-store shopping.

Ibotta is in partnership with over 1500 brands, paying out over $600 million to their members since 2012.

How to score Cashback

Ibotta is free to use. All you need to do is link your debit/credit card to the app and start shopping with your card. Or pay with Ibotta.

Also, you can link your Loyalty accounts to start saving on your favourite retailer shop.

Another way to earn Cashback with Ibotta is to scan your receipt with their app to get Instant Cashback sent to your Ibotta account on eligible purchases.

Learn more about how Ibotta works

5. Earny

Earny is one of the best Cashback Apps that rewards you anytime the price of a product you previously bough has dropped.

You know the feelings when you buy a product, and the next week the price of that item drops. That is the worst feeling, right? I know it happens to all of us.

If you are a member of Earny, you will get the difference credited back to you if that happens.

How it works

Earny takes note of price drops and help you recover the list money. This is just one of their benefits.

The app also helps you monitor the price of your favorite item for you to see the price history and be alerted when the price drops to your desired level.

Learn more about Earny Cashback system here

5. Drop

Want an app with automatic Cashback when you buy an item? Checkout Drop today. No need to scan receipts, all you need to do to earn Cashback rewards is to connect the retailer.

How Drop works

Download the app sign up with your Facebook account or email. After signup, you will see tabs to:

  • Shop through the app to earn points
  • Link a credit card and see your linked cards
  • Take surveys and make money
  • Play games
  • And , Earn rewards

Once you accumulate enough points, you can cash out for gift cards for popular retail sites like:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • American Airlines
  • DoorDash
  • Sephora
  • And more…

Learn about Drop here

7. Swagbucks

Along with getting paid for your time, Swagbucks also offer you Cashback benefits for shopping through their site and app.

You can earn money with Swaggbucks in different ways such as:

  • Earning Cashback for shopping online
  • Taking surgery for money
  • Discovering stuff online
  • Playing Games
  • Watching Videos
  • And, more!

How to earn Cashback with Swaggbucks

To earn part of your spent money after purchase, you just have to shop through Swaggbucks shopping portal.

Swagbucks Cashback system pays you from 1% to 10% or even more. The money accumulate in your Swagbucks account as points (SB). And it can be redeemed for gift cards on popular retailer sites like:

  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Etc.

Learn more about how Swagbucks works

Cashback Apps
Cashback Apps

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