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How To Create A Full Functioning ClickBank Account In Nigeria & Other Banned Counties.

You must have heard so much about ClickBank. It is undoubtedly, the best Affiliate marketing platform so far where you can get up to 80% commission for different varieties of products listed for sale.

When Affiliate Marketing is mentioned, the First thing that comes to mind is ClickBank, But unfortunately, If you are from Nigeria or Any of these countries listed here… you cannot have an account with ClickBank.

ClickBank Banned Nigerians

Luckily, there is still a way around it. I am going to show you exactly how you can create a fully functioning ClickBank account if your country is banned from using their website as an affiliate.

What you will need:

  1. A VPN with a dedicated IP (Very Important)
  2. Privacy Browser
  3. Fake Name Generator ( )

#1. A VPN with a Dedicated IP

When I say VPN, I do not mean “FREE” VPNs because you are going to regret ever using such a VPN if you start earning. What you actually need is a VPN that will give you just one IP address.

The reason is that when you use a free VPN, once you disconnect and reconnect, your IP address changes. In that way, ClickBank can easily tell you are trying to cheat the system.

But when you opt-in for a VPN with a dedicated IP address, even if you disconnect your VPN and reconnect it later, your IP address remains the same no matter how many devices that are connected to it.

Oh! What the heck are VPN and IP?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. It is a technology that hides the real IP address your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigned to your internet device and provides you with another IP (A foreign one) to ensure you browse through the internet without been tracked.

With VPNs, you can connect to a server in the United States and browse the internet as if you were in the United State.

An IP address is a network address for your internet device. Every device that connects to a network has an IP address. If you want to know yours, visit It will show you your IP and your location, that how that is how ClickBank will know if you are really from where you claim to be from.

But One you use a VPN, it changes your IP to another country.

So, why you need a VPN with a dedicated IP is just for one reason. “To have a static IP address”. Using a free VPN will not solve the problem, instead, it will make it worse.

One thing you should know about using a free VPN is that each time you reconnect, it gives you another IP address. So, if you disconnect 10 times, you will have 10 different IP addresses. (you can try that for yourself and learn from it.) and when your IP keeps changing, ClickBank will easily know you are using a VPN.

There are so many VPNs with static IP address, but I have my best 3 (The ones I have used before)

Get a VPN that takes your privacy seriously
Get a VPN that takes your privacy seriously
Access 5,479 servers worldwide No logs policy Connect 6 devices at the same time 30-day money-back guarantee
$3.49 $4.99
VPN That Never Let You Down Even in China!
VPN That Never Let You Down Even in China!
At Ivacy, we ensure that ingenuity is engrained throughout our product development cycle, which is why Ivacy manages to function well in China as well. This fact alone sets Ivacy apart from majority of the other VPNs in the industry, that are unable to penetrate the Great Fire Wall.
Experience PureVPN Exclusive Deal with 73% OFF
Experience PureVPN Exclusive Deal with 73% OFF
PureVPN's No-Log policy has been validated by one of the leading US-based Independent Auditor. Not only is PureVPN the fastest, but also a verified No-Log VPN provider!

#2. Privacy Browser

have you noticed each time, after checking out a page on a website like Aliexpress and log into Facebook, you will start seeing adverts of those products you viewed earlier?

That is the work of cookies.

ClickBank stated on their Privacy Policy that they use Cookies to store log files which include Internet protocol (IP) addresses. See the image below…

For that reason, you need a browser that doesn’t save cookies. Believe me, you do not need Chrome, Firefox or Opera for this. Even though they can manually clear cookies, but what if you forget to do so and launch ClickBank?

The Browser I use for this is Epic Privacy Browser

Download Epic Browser

#3. Fake Name Generator

You need a Fake Name Generator to Generate Face personal data, including Name, Address, Fax, Phone, etc.

Steps: How to create a ClickBank Account In Nigeria

1. install and activate Nord VPN.

“Nord is the Best VPN for me. If you seem any other one better, feel free to make use of it. But make sure it comes with a static IP. Otherwise, use any of the above listed”

2. Download and Install Epic Browser.

“If you need any help installing a program on your computer, seek some help

3. Generate a fake US or UK name and keep ready.

You will use the data you generated except the name and email address. (use your real name and email) “

4. Launch Epic Browser and open this link and then fill out the form. Remember to use your real name and email address correctly.


Did that not work for you? Don’t worry, there are still some alternatives…

Best Alternatives to ClickBank

I understand it is a long procedure and you may already be thinking of other ways around it, but what you have here is the best.

However, if you wish to other alternatives, here are the best alternatives to ClickBank…

  1. Expertnaire (Nigerian) – Expertnaire is a Nigerian affiliate platform that works similar to ClickBank. It is strictly for serious Affiliates as they charge ₦ 10,000 ($27.50) for registration.
  2. JVZoo – JVzoo is the closest alternative to ClickBank. Advertisers of JVZoo can offer as high as 70% commission for their products, and they also provide you with a sales page, etc.
  3. Commission Junction – CJ is another good one. you can find mostly digital products here.

Over To You…

Are you making any money from Affiliate marketing? if “Ýes”, then what affiliate platform do you make use of? Would you like to Switch over to ClickBank?

Let’s Hear Your Opinion on the comment section below.

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