eCommerce: 6 incredible hacks to increase sales in 2020

Today, I am going to show you 6 hacks to increase sales to your online store this year.

If you are just starting an online store, you may be wondering why your store isn’t generating enough sales or maybe, why it’s not generating sales at all.

Ecommerce is a multi-trillion industry, and a lot of big businesses (bigger than you can compete with) are already on this platform making huge sales while others sill struggle to make even one sale.

There are several reasons for that, and one of the reasons is “lack of trust and popularity”. But hey! I am here to show you how to improve your online store and gain trust and of course, gain popularity as well. This is going to help you increase sales by at least 70%.

so, what are the easy hacks to increase sales?

hacks to increase sales in 2020

Hack #1. Offer Affiliate Programmes

When people join your affiliate network, they drive huge traffic to your website and most of this traffic is targeted to convert to buyers. You are not going to pay them for driving you traffic, no! You only pay them when they drive traffic that converts to a real customer.

Because you will be getting a lot of traffic and backlinks, your website stands to rank high on Goggle search result and that means even more organic traffic.

Hack #2. Leverage Facebook Ads

If you seriously want to make some sales this year, you must let everyone (probably who’s interested) to know about your products and services. Facebook is a perfect place to meet those prospective buyers, but it doesn’t end only in posting on pages and timelines.

Facebook ads have a very unique feature for eCommerce websites, for example, there is a way to display products from your website directly on Facebook ads, including price Meta ETC.

If you haven’t been on Facebook ads, I recommend you don’t give it a try until you read these eBooks:

If you use Facebook ads effectively, your sales are definitely going to increase by up to 60%.

Hack #3. Give Discounts

Believe it or not, Discounts keep people coming back to your website. If you regularly cut down something for them, they will always come and check you out, and you will make more sales.

Everybody wants to save money, for that reason, people are hunting for discounts and coupons. So give it to them.

Take a look at amazon and other popular eCommerce websites, you will find out they host a lot of discount on their site. Some even have a dedicated page for daily discounts.

Hack #4. Enable customer review

In most cases, people won’t buy a product until someone else buy and share his/her experience. The reason is that some product does not offer the value they claim. So, enabling customer’s review will help you gain trust and improve sales.

Hack #5. Invite sellers

Extending your eCommerce website to a vendor marketplace will help you drive more sales to your own product. Vendors lists and promote their products the best way they can to drive the sales, but doing that, they are also promoting your website. So sales can come in at any time.

Hack #6. Write a product page that converts

One of the reasons why you don’t make good sales is because your product page doesn’t really sound cool.

Product pages describe a product, so it should be written in a clear convincing language. One advantage of selling things online is that you do not have to talk to individuals one after the other while you try to convince them. With one single page, you can be able to discuss the features and benefits of the product.

So, if the product page is that important, then it is necessary to present it in such a way that when people read it, they would want to take action.

Read: how to write a product page that converts


The struggle much if your niche is so competitive, but if you follow my advice on how to increase sales, you should be able to make more sales.

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