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home based business ideas you can copy (with little to no CAPITAL).

Starting a home based business sometimes seems like a bunch of tasks. At first, You think about the capital, then the effort and time it will take to grow…

But then, all that depends on the business idea you run after!

In this post, I will show you 10 home based business ideas you can start with little to no CAPITAL, and still grow in a short period of time. With these business ideas, You only need to build a brand, put effort into marketing, and provide excellent customer service. All other traditional startup costs, such as initial inventory and warehouse space, etc. It will be completely optional.

Now is time to unleash the dragon! What are the home based business ideas? Let’s find out…

1. Drop shipping Business


Do you know drop shipping is one of the fastest growing businesses you can start with little amount of money? YES! E-COMMERCE is fast growing! And many youths are making millions every month.

So, What’s Drop shipping?

If that sounds new to you, or you’ve been wondering what it’s all about, Drop shipping is a simple process of importing products from Chinese E-commerce website into your own website and sell directly to your customers.

Here is how it works..

You choose a product you want to sell and place it on your store, customers will head over to your store and place order and then you shift the transaction to your supplier to handle.

The idea is; you will pay for the product at wholesale price and then sell at your own cost.

Who can drop ship?

Anyone who believes wealth can come from the internet! In fact, drop shipping is for anyone including students, house wives, unemployed, entrepreneurs, bankers, Government workers, EVERYBODY! ?

Unlike mini importation, Drop shipping does not require you to buy products before worrying about how to sell. YOU SELL BEFORE YOU BUY! that means even before you buy a product, you have already made your profit.

How to start with Drop shipping

Would you like to start a drop shipping business? Okay, here is how to get started!

First, you need to launch an E-commerce website either on shopify or WordPress(with woocommerce extension).

shopify (oberlo)

Shopify integrate with oberlo to bring drop shipping to us. To start drop shipping with shopify, all you need to do is sign up with oberlo to access thousands of suppliers worldwide

Learn how to start with dropping with oberlo https://www.oberlo.com/blog/shopify-dropshipping-guide

WordPress (woocommerce)

WordPress on the other hand have its own way of handling the dropping process with the help of plugins, extensions and API.

Below are the best plugins and extensions for WordPress

  1. Alidropship
  2. Esuzy

2. YouTube Channels


You don’t believe you can make money from YouTube, right? Ohh! You need to think about it.

YouTube is one of the best ways to make millions online!

How to earn from YouTube

There are several ways to earn money from YouTube, so let’s talk about them one after the other.

1. Google adsense:

With adsense, Google displays adverts on all your YouTube videos and pays you per impressions or by clicks. This is one of the easiest ways to make money from YouTube. the more viral your videos go, the more money hits your account.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Most people like to see before they buy, in most cases, images are not just enough. You need to share a video. if you can create a video that will engage your audience, your sales will definitely grow.

How to get started (creating a YouTube video) 

To get started with YouTube, you first have to Create a Google account or use your existing Google account.

Head over to www.youtube.com and sign in with your G account. And then customize your YouTube channel to your taste.

3. Blogging

Start blogging

Blogging is the most popular in our list. Everyone wants to blog. You are probably blogging! ? But most bloggers are completely unaware of how to turn blogging into a real time business.

Statistics shows that there will be approximately 31 million bloggers before the end of 2020. That’s a whole lot of blogs out there! what are you waiting for?

Start Blogging!!

How to make money from blogging

There are many way to monetize your blog, but let’s start with the most popular ones.

1. Selling ads space:

You can sell ads space directly to advertisers at a price normally from $80 to $300 depending on the volume of your website traffic.

2. Google adsense:

If your website qualify for adsense program, you will be paid each time Google displays adverts on your blog. Some blogs with high volume traffic get up to $500 per week.

Head over to Google.com/adsense to submit your website for review.

If your website is not approved by adsense, there are still alternatives you can try:

3. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting other companies products and services to your audience and encouraging them to buy. When they buy, you get a commission normally from 3% to 50% depending on what you agreed with the company.

4. Sponsored posts/review:

Companies may want you to write about their products and services while they pay you for it. It’s is called post sponsorship.

Incase of physical products, most companies will leave one of their product for you to review after which you will either return it and get paid in cash or sell it as it pleases you.

5. Selling digital products and services:

If you have a digital product of you own to sell, your blog is a perfect place to start selling. Digital products can be a plugin, website template, plugin, Browser extensions, ebook, etc.

How to set up a blog

Setting up a blog is easy. If you have no budget at all, you can start for free!

Free blogging platforms


Paid blogging platforms


We can help you in setting up your own blog in less than 15mins! If you like us to

4. Online Courses

Start online couching

Do you derive joy from teaching people skills that will be useful for them? If you do, you have an opportunity of making more money from online courses.

Create an online course (written or videos) on a topic that interests the audience then relax and make cool cash once people buy it.

Online courses can make you real cash. Want to know what I’m talking about? Have a look at lynda.com. You can’t guess how much they generate monthly, right? I will tell you, Lydia makes approximately $3700 Each month.

How to get started with online course. 

Check out the following..


5. Website Design

Website designs

Website Designers are needed in almost all kind of organizations, – schools, churches, banks, etc.

If you know how to make a website, you can be earning upto $550 per website. The good news is; there are tools that can help you create a website with drag and drop features.

You can also create websites and sell them as already made websites on fiver and even on social media.

6. Bids making

Start Bid making business

I know about three Nigerian entrepreneurs who have make enough money from making bids and selling them.

If you are creative enough, you can play around with bids and come up with something people will love. provided you can give yourself enough time, and you are patient enough.

How to sell your design

Once your designs are ready, You should be thinking about selling them. There are several ways you can make money selling bids;

1. Direct marketing:

People are impressed by what they see. Take your designs to people who may be interested in buying them. If your design is good enough, it should speak for itself.

2. Advertising on social media:

Social media is the best place to find potential customers. Create a business account on Facebook and Instagram for your marketing purpose.

3. Selling on Ecommerce platforms:

You can sell anything online! Ecommerce made it easy. Many online stores provide opportunity for vendors to sell their products on their platform. Sign up and start selling at a go!

7. Palm oil processing

Palm oil processing

Do you know how much palm oil cost in the market? OMG! Its about $89 for 25ltrs! Yet we have palm nuts here free in Nigeria! Why can’t Nigerians get rich with it?

It does not require much effort to extract palm oil from palm nuts. About a day is enough!

Who can start palm oil business?

Everybody can, but people in the rural areas or anywhere palm trees grow have more opportunities to make more money.

8. Affiliate marketing

Start affiliate marketing

Another business you can start from home is promoting other company’s products and services and get paid each time your effort generates sales.

Affiliate marketing does not require much capital, in fact you can start without investing a dime! You only need to pick a product and promote.

Who is Affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate marketing is for everyone who have access to the Internet, anyone with a social media account, all bloggers and website owners, freelance writers, etc.

How to get started

1. Find a niche – To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to choose what kind of product/service to promote (your niche). To do that, conduct a research about what people like, what you have passion for and what sells most.

2. Get a domain and Create a website (optional) – Best practice for affiliate marketing is owning a website through which you will promote products. Though it is completely optional, it is also necessary.

You will have to give people reason to buy from you. for that reason, you should give then a web address where they can always find you.

Tip: how to set up an affiliate website from scratch

3. Find products – There are basically two types of products you can promote;

  1. Digital products
  2. Physical products.

Digital products includes softwares, ebooks, professional services(like website audit), Browser extensions, etc.

Physical products comes in physical forms, they can be anything one can touch and feel. For example; computers, mobile phones, dresses, etc.

In a later post, I will discuss how to find the best affiliate product to promote

9. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing - home based business

Can you write so well? Many bloggers (including myself) hire freelance writers and pay them for writing a blog post.

If you are good enough, you can write upto 5 high quality articles a week at $50 to $150 per post. That will be great.

How to get started

Showcase your writing skills on fiverr and people who pick interest will get in contact with you.

10. Membership website

If you have something the people need and you want to give it to them for a price, you should think of creating a membership site.

A membership site is a kind of website that it’s contents can only be accessed by it’s members.

Members of such site will have to pay a certain amount of money upon registration. It could be a one time payment or a recurring payment.

How to create a membership site

Creating a membership site is as easy as setting up any kind of website. You only need a domain name, a hosting company and some plugin to take care of membership.

1. Get a hosting account.

There are thousands of hosting companies out there, But not all of them are worth spending time and money on.

I’ve worked with bluehost before, and their service is just awesome. They offer a free domain registration on ever package you buy. So you don’t need to buy a separate domain.

2. Install WordPress

On some web host, installing WordPress doesn’t require any technical experience. It’s just a one-click install. But in others, you will need to move your files one after the other using ftp.

Bluehost hosting services is specially designed for WordPress. you only need to provide them with your site name and let them take care of the rest. Simple

3. Install a membership plugin

To make your WordPress site a membership site, you need a membership plugin. There are many plugins that can take care of that on the WordPress plugin directory, but the best among them are:

  • Teachable
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • s2member
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • aMember Pro
  • MemberPress


If you want to be in the chart of the top richest, or you want to own the next hundred billion dollar business, you must start somewhere.

These home based business ideas are very lucrative.

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