How to increase blog traffic without learning SEO

In this post, I am going to show you how to increase blog traffic from zero visis to over hundred thousand monthly visits, even without having to learn SEO.

If you’ve just started a blog, you may be having some difficulties in getting people to care about reading your blog contents. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Every beginner is concerned about generating blog traffic.

In fact, when I launched my blog, I had no readers for several weeks. I was worried, and started looking for tricks to increase my blog traffic really fast!

I searched Google for key terms like: “How to increase blog traffic” and “how to get traffic to a new blog“. But all I read about was SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

And I spent three years learning and implementing SEO on my blog. It helps me though, but I must admit that SEO is though! Perhaps, I would have look for alternative ways to increase blog traffic other than SEO.

The truth about SEO is that it is undoubtedly the best source of traffic. But even if you have to learn it (in most cases, you do), you will not get instant result. In fact, SEO takes Months, even years to kick in. and if you rely only on Search Engine for traffic generation, you are losing a lot of potential traffic.

Today, I am going to different ways to grow your blog traffic to 100,000 monthly visitors and above, to qualify for premium ads networks and maximise your ads revenue. Trust me, these methods work as you GO!

Do I mean you should not learn SEO?

Definitely not. The reason why you hear about SEO any time you seek help on how to drive traffic to your blog is that SEO is the best free way to drive organic traffic that will last almost forever!

Even though I use these strategies I’m about to show you here, I still implement SEO in every content I produce. In fact, I spend 4 to 6 hours each day working on my blog’s SEO. I also advise you to do the same.

What am I trying to say? No traffic source beats SEO. But if you are new to blogging, and do not know anything about SEO, do not worry. I will show you other ways to get 100,000+ monthly traffic to your blog

So come closer…

How to Increase Blog Traffic to 100000+ monthly without SEO

Facebook Niche Groups

You may think Facebook is not a valid traffic source, that’s because you probably don’t know about Facebook Groups.

A while ago, Facebook updated its algorithm to favour only paid contents (boosted posts and adverts). That makes it difficult for your followers to find your post on Facebook if you don’t pay for it. Pulling down your organic reach and engagement.

Even if you have 100,000 followers on Facebook, only about 10% will see your post, and about 2% will likely stop by and check it out.

Facebook Traffic is fading away, but there is something that won’t go away. It’s the Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are like discussion forums where different people with similar interest gather to share their views, ask questions and help each other.

Yes, you get the idea…

Being active in groups and answering questions will bring you close to your target audience. If you keep helping them, they will continue clicking through to read your blog.

Some Facebook groups are also created for the sole purpose to help blogger grow their blog.

A while ago, I was searching for something on Facebook and came across a group: Bloggers Supporting Each Other The name sounds cool, so I decided to join to know what’s happening in there.

The guys behind the group are amazing. And a lot has been happening there.

For example, Admins opens a new thread where participants can share a link to their new blog posts let other participants view, share, and comment and even recommend to others.

That means, if 50 people participated on the thread, your link will receive 49 click, 49 comments or 49 shares, etc.

Imagine if you are in three of such group, that means more traffic coming to your blog every day.

Now, you don’t have to jump on every group you found out there. Look for groups where random people don’t post spam links and mess up everything.

Alternatively, you can create your own group and invite people to join.

Pin Consistently On Pinterest

Getting traffic from Pinterest is a sure bet! People are already doing it. People like Pauline Cabrera of Twelveskip and Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging are using Pinterest to drive thousands of monthly traffic to their blog.

In fact, Pinterest is my Number one source of social traffic.

So, what’s up with Pinterest?

If you think Pinterest is a platform for women to share their recipe and parenting tips, you are missing a lot.

Pinterest is a visual search engine and social media for everyone, including bloggers and digital marketers. And it is a real-time traffic generator.

Anna Runyan of shared a story on how she used Pinterest to increase page views on her carrier focused website from 100,000 to 500,000 in a month.

I also copied her strategy and was able to grow my blog traffic by 300% over the course of two months.

Getting result from Pinterest is not all about pinning images on your boards. It is more technical than that. There are image sizes and types that get more results than others.

For example, a while ago, I carried out an experiment with my Pinterest Business account and found out that image size between 564 x 846 pixels and 1000 x 1800 pixels works fine for Pinterest pinning.

I also discovered that rich pins get more attention and more clicks than the rest of the pins.

Rich pins are more informative than the standard pins, which is why they get more eyeballs.

If you want to learn how to grow your traffic using Pinterest, then you can join my training. It’s totally free!

Promote with Videos

You’ll agree with me that videos are more engaging than plain texts. That’s why Neil Patel uses it more often on his blog.

People love to watch videos than reading text. I’m a living witness. I’ll radar watch a video training than reading a 5000 words long text.

YouTube is the world’s third most visited sites on the internet. That is why you should also get involved.

Dian Brain shared a story of how he converted an old blog post into a YouTube video and was able to add up to his blog traffic by -%.

Mary Lister also confirmed that videos yield a 157% increase in organic search traffic. That means you can still drive organic traffic to your blog without learning SEO.


Take a look at Brightcove statistics: it states that videos in social media platforms gain 1200% shares than text and images. That means more exposure, more views and more clicks to your blog.

Creating a video post will also drive free organic traffic from video specific search and also increase your blog relevancy for certain queries.

For example, let’s try searching for a keyword: “SEO”

How to increase blog traffic with videos

Even if you are not an SEO expert, you can easily rank for a video.

Interview Influencers

Interviews are one of the best performing blog posts of all time. People want to read experts view on a topic, their past mistakes and the secrets of their success.

You can pick inspirational persons in you niche, or person you think your audience will love to hear about and interview them on your blog. By doing so, you will get a lot of social traffic and backlinks from those influencers you interview.

Apart from that, when you interview someone, you build a relationship with them. And because they have a wider reach, they will help accelerate your own success.

Interviewing an influencer will also help to Increase your credibility and reputation with your own audience, because they will see you hanging out with big names.

If the person you interview has a big audience, you will definitely get more traffic when they share your interview with them on their social media account. It is even possible they mention the interview on their own blog and link back to you.

Now let’s see how these interviews can be done.

How to find influencers to interview

If you care about your audience, then featuring a celebrity is not as important as finding someone with valuable information you can trust.

The purpose of an interview is let others learn. So it is important to find influencer within your space as they share same interest with you and your audience.

Find big names within you Blog niche or social media influencer who talks mostly of about what your audience cares about and interview them.

When finding influencers, you should consider the following:

  • Does the person’s knowledge overlap with your audience?
  • Do they share other interviews they has with other persons?
  • Are they too busy to answer?
  • Will your audience benefit from such interview?

If you get a positive answer to those questions, you can then continue with contacting them.

Guest Blogging Still Works

Guest blogging is another effective way of driving quality traffic to your blog, especially when you don’t already have readers.

It works like Crazy, but you have to do it well. A lot of people complain they do not get enough traffic when they write guest post on other blogs. That is because most bloggers won’t allow you to promote your link on their blog, most especially if they don’t trust you.

The only chance you have to add a link to your blog is in the author Bio box. But then, it is buried right down the bottom of the page where almost 80% of the visitors don’t reach before they exit the page.

I’ve been guest posting for a while, and each guest post I write drives at least 100,000 traffic each month.

What do I do? I write perfectly researched guest posts and include links them without making it look like I’m all after the links.

Here is how I did it

  • Find a blog that accepts guest posts. You can do this by searching Google for a combination of keywords like: “Niche + Write for us”, ”Niche + Guest post”, “Niche + Submit post” to show results of all the websites accepting guest posts. For example: if you are in the digital marketing space, you can search “SEO + Guest post” and you get all the SEO blogs that accept guest posts. Alternatively, read Matt Ahlgren List of websites that accept guest post.
  • Once you have a list of websites, you should read their guidelines to understand the conditions at which they accept guest post.
  • Write a useful, super-informative article that their website audience will benefit from.
  • Add a “Helpful Resource” section on your article, somewhere before the summary. Your Resource should be up to 5 links with one of your own link as a resource.

Adding a helpful resource section makes anyone reading the post to believe the author did a lot of research on that topic they covered.

Blog Commenting Is Powerful

Blog commenting is one of the most abused way to get traffic and backlinks to your own blog. Yet it is one of my favourite strategies of getting traffic. Each time I publish a new blog post, I find other related posts that are already getting tons of traffic and comment on them.

I do this regularly, and it has helped me build my referral traffic and backlinks over time.

And you know what? I am not alone.

Marcus Sheridan, the founder of usually spend five to six hours each week reading and commenting on other blog posts. He does this to create awareness and of course drive traffic.

Now you may be wondering how comments still help drive traffic since it has been said that comment links don’t count for SEO. The truth is that comments links still adds value, and can help improve your SEO.

Nail Paten recently did an experiment and found out that even No-follow backlinks from Comments can add up to SEO value.

Simply write a useful comment, someone reads your comment, get inspired, and click to find out more about what you can offer.

I’ve seen a lot of people doing it terribly wrong. They post irrelevant comments hoping of getting traffic and backlinks. It doesn’t really work that way. You most comment responsibly if you want people to actually care about checking out your blog posts.

Readers will only visit your blog if they get inspired by your comments.

You should also remember that most of your targeted audience hangs around other related blogs, so leaving a useful comment will make them see you as a professional, and trust me, they will click-through and read your contents too.

Remember the key. Always write meaningful and helpful comments. Your comments should be one or two short paragraphs or even more! But make sure it adds value. Always avoid comments like:

  •  “Nice post”
  • “Great share”
  • “Useful content”
  • “Amazing post”, etc.

Be active on forums

I don’t actually spend much time on forums, -about 15 minutes a day, but my activities that little time I spend help me build my traffic by at least 30%.

What do I do when I am active? I join discussions and direct people back to my blog.

Discussion forums are very powerful tools for driving traffic to a blog, and a lot of marketers are doing it.

Here is how it works:

Find a forum within your Niche.

You don’t have to be on just every forum out there. Only join forums where your target audience gather the most. There is a little trick in finding the right forum, first you have to start by searching Google.

Type in any keyword in your niche, followed by “forum”. For example, I am in the Windows and PC space. If I am very good in Windows updates, I will search google for keywords like “windows update + Forum” and Google will list all the forum topics related to it.

How to increase blog traffic

Check if forum is active

The next thing you will need to do is to check if the forum is active. You can do this by checking out how frequently people post and respond to a topic.

Once you are in a forum, you will be able to see date when a topic was created and the date of the last responds. That’s enough to tell you is the forum is active or not.

If the forum is active, go ahead and create an account there.

Understand the forum rules

Once your account has been created, you don’t need to start posting immediately. Stay mute for a while, read as much topics as you can to understand the rules. You will also need to know who the key players are before getting into a discussion.

Some forums allows you to add a signature to your profile. That is where you briefly describe yourself and possibly add a link to your blog.

Join discussions

Once you are ready, you can join the discussions. Start by replying to other topics. Write meaningful replies and point them to a related content on your blog. People will click through and read your blog posts.

When you are pretty much known, you can create your own topic and let others join you.

Answer Questions on Quora

If you own a blog, you should be promoting it anywhere you can. One of the top places to promote your blog is on, and you can use this platform irrespective of your niche.

I use it all the time. You know what? Even big names like Boris Mustapic And Cara Tarbaj Uses Quora also to drive traffic to their blog.

Unlike discussion forums, Quora is a Q&A website where you can follow any topic, ask questions related to those topics and other experts will follow up and provide answer sooner or later.

You can as well provide answers to other people’s questions and use it to drive traffic to your blog.

Quora is a very popular website with over 300 million unique monthly users according to foundation inc Imagine how much traffic your blog will receive if you get a small percentage of those traffic to click through and read your blog.

Excited? Okay here is how to use Quora:

Set Up your Quora profile

When you answer a question on Quora, your profile is one of the first thing people will see. They will see your name, profile picture and your tagline. Make sure all these are put correctly.

Your tagline should correspond to the questions you plan to answer. If you are going to answer questions related to Digital marketing or entrepreneurship, then put something like this:

“Blogger, Entrepreneur, CEO at”

Find questions to answer

Now that your profile is set, you can start answering questions.

Use search function on Quora to find questions on any topic

How to increase blog traffic with quora

Search for a keyword related to what a content of your blog is written about. For example, if your blog talks about traveling to Europe, then you can search Quora for “Travel to Europe”… and all the questions people are asking concerning Traveling to Europe comes to your computer screen.

Start Answering Questions

If you have found a question to answer, be kind enough to give your thorough and in-depth answer in a simple and plain language. This is what decides whether or not you will get traffic from Quora.

Quora allows you to use an anchor link within your answer, so referring to your blog as a resource is a smart move.

And I have been doing this for a while getting 100+ traffic from Quora daily.

Publish contents on Medium

When I first used Medium, I imported my blog feed and all my blog posts started appearing on the platform. I was so sceptical that Google Would penalize me of duplicate content but I realised that there was no such thing as duplicate content if you are importing your exact blog posts to medium.

Medium proved It here.

What exactly is Medium? You ask?

Medium is a platform where content creators and industry experts share their knowledge, views and opinions. It was founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter.

And today, marketers are using this platform to drive targeted traffic to their blog. I use it all day! In fact, I re-publish every single post from my Blog to Medium, and it has been able to grow my traffic really strong.

If you want to bring your content before the right people and drive maximum traffic back to your blog without learning SEO, take action. Start Using Medium.


Getting 100,000+ monthly visitors is really easy. Even if you are complete beginner with no skills at all, implementing these techniques discussed here will help bring in close to 100,000 monthly visitors to your blog.

Yes you can get all that traffic, but don’t rely only on referral traffic. A also advise to learn SEO.

If you like this post, take a moment and share your own thoughts using the comment section below. You can also share it with your friends and families.

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to my Newsletter. I will be sharing advanced tips only with my email subscribers.

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