How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: A Beginner’s Guide

So you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Believe me, you are not alone.

Everyone’s dream is to make money, even when they sleep. That’s why majority of us have started one online business or the other.

Fortunately, affiliate marketing is a Gold Mine. You can find any product, drive random traffic to it and make your money.

Most of the top marketers started this way, and I am going to show you how to get involved exactly.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online business opportunity in Nigeria. It works like this:

key players affiliate
Source: sekkeistudio

As you can see in the image above, there are four parties involved. First, you see the merchant, then the network, followed by the affiliates (you) and then the consumer.

Let’s explain it even further.

From the beginning, we have a merchant. Sometimes called the product creator, the seller, the vendor, the retailer or the brand.  This is a party that creates a product. It can be a big company like SEMRush who provides SEO/SEM service.

Or an individual like Tai Lopez who sells information products on how to become rich.

Next, the Affiliate: sometimes known as the publisher. This is the party that sells the products for a share in revenue. Here is where the marketing happens.

An affiliate marketer uses his marketing skills to promote and convince his audience to buy a merchant’s product.

Next, the Affiliate Networks: Because some of these merchants are not well recognized, Affiliate networks such as commission junction and JVZoo come into play.

This is a place where merchants land to sell their products and also find affiliates to help them make a quick sales.

It can be a big scale company like Amazon or a medium scale marketplace like JVZoo or even a small scale affiliate program like expertnaire.

Then, you see the consumer, who buys the product.

Having read this far, let’s now find out how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria. But first, why should anyone even start an affiliate marketing business?

Why affiliate marketing?

To earn money, you have to sell something, right? With affiliate marketing, you don’t even have to worry about a crazy product launch. You basically find a product and sell them to make money.

Affiliate marketing is the sweetest way of making money online without much effort. Does it not sound nice to you that you can place some links on your blog and get paid when someone clicks on them and take action?

Look what Robert Foster Bennett Said about Affiliate Marketing.

Robert Bennett
Robert Foster Bennett was an American politician and very wealthy businessman.

This very blog you are reading promotes affiliate links too, and it’s making roughly $100K yearly from affiliate sales alone.

More so, if you are planning of launching your own product to make even bigger money, the skills you acquire from selling other people’s products and services will help you to effortlessly market your own products faster when it is finally launched,

How to Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Just like starting a blog for your business, Affiliate marketing requires a lot of planning. It’s not a thing you can jump into and expect success without proper research and planning.

Before setting up you first affiliate blog/website, there are three things you must do:

  1. Find a profitable Niche
  2. Find a reliable web hosting
  3. Register a domain name.

Find a profitable Niche

If you have been reading my blog posts for a while, you must have noticed that I mention this a lot. And you may be wondering why I emphasise so much on it. The reason is simple, if you don’t choose a profitable niche, you would just be spinning the wheels!

Niche research is a necessity, not a choice. If you want to start an online business, including Affiliate marketing, it is something you cannot avoid. It will help you secure a space faster on the internet.

There are more than a thousand Niches out there, but not all of these Niches are very profitable. Calista and I were able to come up with about 200 highly profitable niches for affiliate marketing, feel free to check ‘em out.

Some so-called experts will tell you to choose a niche you are passionate about. Honestly, this only works if there is a large demand for the products and services in that Niche.

Of Couse you don’t want to choose a niche in a market where it is almost impossible to make money.

My honest advice when it comes to choosing a Niche, especially for Affiliate Marketing is:

Go Where The Money Is.

For many marketers, choosing a Niche is a whole lots of challenge. Some people focus entirely on high demand, and modest competitive Niche, but that shouldn’t be the sole focus.

In fact, every Niche you choose for affiliate marketing should be:

  • Lucrative
  • Interesting to you
  • And, Evergreen

For the sake of making money online through Affiliate Marketing, I recommend chossing a Niches where Competition is Moderate.

Surprised to hear this?

Truly, Competitive markets are very difficult to target. But come to think about it this way; if a niche is very competitive, does that not mean there is more money there? Why would people compete in a niche market where there is no money?

One shortcoming of choosing a competitive niche is:

Difficulty To Rank on SERP.

But that shouldn’t bother you, paid search still works. In fact, the best way to drive quick traffic to an affiliate website is through paid advertising. I assure you, every $1 you spend on Affiliate marketing is worth $42 in Return of revenue. You can confirm it here

Getting a Reliable Web Hosting provider

Before you can start an affiliate marketing business, you will need a blog/website. And you cannot archive this without a hosting company. Web hosting allows you to store your files on the cloud so they can be accessed through the internet.

There are a lot of hosting companies out there, you can read web hosting reviews on Hosting Facts and decide what best suits your need.

I recommend BlueHost for a peace of mind.

BlueHost is one of the oldest hosting companies with a good reputation, hosting over 1 billion websites. Even WordPress recommended them.

If you are ready, you can take this claim this bonus: Start with $2.95 / month

Get $5.05 OFF from Bluehost shared WordPress hosting
1 Website Free SSL Certificate 50 GB SSD Storage Free Domain for 1 Year 5 Parked Domains 25 Subdomains $200 Marketing Credit
$2.95/mo $7.99

Registering a domain

You cannot host a website without a domain. Your domain name is your website URL.  The address people type on their browser to locate your blog. For example, the domain of this blog is (see it in your address bar).

Without a hosting, your website will not be on the internet, and without a domain, it will not have an address. They both work together.

Choosing a domain name doesn’t have to be difficult. You can add two – three words together and form name.

Don’t have any idea of what to choose? Don’t worry, you can also use tools like Shopify Name And Name Mesh to generate a domain name for your affiliate website.

To register a domain name, head over to It only cost $11 / year.

Buy .com domian for only $11.99/yr
Buy .com domian for only $11.99/yr

Setting up a Blog / Website for affiliate marketing.

All the Successful Affiliate Marketers I know started by blogging on a niche market they desire. That’s how they recommend products and services and encourage people to buy them.

Blogging is the best way to communicate with your audience through writing, and the only way to sell a product is by telling people about the product, and that is what you can archive through your blog.

I have also seen some websites sorely dedicated to affiliate marketing.


Blogs are just so powerful. In affiliate marketing, it is the most powerful tool to win more audience to yourself or even buy trust and increase sale. 

Here are some few things you should know about blogging:

Blogging helps you drive more traffic to an affiliate offer

Raise your hand if you want to sell more products and make more money. Yeah, me too!

Now, think about how people will discover these products you are selling. They could search the internet, but that is only if they knew such product exist. You could buy email list and shoot out emails about the products, but that’s illegal and will cost you a lot of money even when you are not sure these emails do exist, or if they will actually care about your offer.

You could run adverts on Google search, Facebook, etc. to drive traffic to an affiliate offer but that doesn’t guarantee you will make any sale. And besides, it’s expensive. The moment you run out of money, traffic seize to come in.

So what then do you do? How do you drive targeted traffic (people who are most likely to buy)? It’s simple: By Blogging.

Blogging helps you to build a very specific audience. For example, if you own a blog about volleyball, the only people who will find and read your blogs will be people who are interested in volleyball, right?

Oh, that is the key.

What if you write a blog post on a topic like: “Best Knee Pads For Volleyball”, who do you think will like to read it? Of course, it’s people who actually play Volleyball. And they are the people who are most likely to buy.

Blogging helps to convert traffic into leads

Do you know people read blogs to get information about a products before they make a purchase?

I did not just say that. Research has shown that 61% of online users in the United States have bought something after reading three – four blog posts.

Here is a little secrete I want to share; if people are searching for something online, especially a product. It’s either that product in their “to-buy list” or they are ready to make a purchase. Now, writing a blog post about that product will help to convert them.

I’ve also seen people writing a negative review for another product, just to recommend their own affiliate product. It works, really.

And again, writing a blog post that hits people at their point of pain will make them trust you, and become easy to convert them into lead.

Blogging produce long-term result

What sounds good to you?

Make money while you sleep” Or “Buy your dream car!”

They both sound good, right? That’s what blogging for affiliate marketing means. Here is how it works:

If you take 4 hrs writing a good blog post (as I usually do) and finally hit the publish button, your blog comes online. If you were able to drive 100 visitors and convert 10 out of the 100, Get another 50 views the next week and convert 3, then you have been able to convert 13 leads before the fanfare of that post dies.

But that’s not the end. The same blog post has been indexed and ranked on search engines. If SEO was properly implemented, that means, for days, weeks, months and even years to come, that same post will continue to drive traffic and leads.

Then you will start making money even while you sleep and eventually make enough money to buy your dream car, house and live the kind of life you always dream of.

Have you seen the importance of blogging for affiliate marketing? Now let me show you how you can create your own affiliate marketing blog from scratch to finish!

How to create a “super” affiliate blog

Having your niche in mind, you will need:

  1. Domain name
  2. Reliable web hosting (preferably BlueHost )
  3. WordPress theme (get it from Theme forest)

So, let’s get started…

Setting up a blog for affiliate marketing requires an investment of time and money. You must stay away from free hosting platforms

Here is how to set up a blog for affiliate marketing using WordPress.

Head over to BlueHost and buy one of their hosting plans. It starts from $2.95 per month for 50 GB SSD disc space and unlimited bandwidth. Don’t worry if that isn’t enough, BlueHost will scale with you.

During the checkout, you will be given the opportunity to choose a free domain name of your choice and have it registered for you no extra cost for one year.

If checkout was successful, you will now have access to BlueHost control panel

Click on “My site” from the left menu to view all your installed sites. But in this case, you have not created any website yet, you will have to create one.

bluehost sites

Click on the Blue “Create A Site” button

bluehost create a site

Enter your blog name and tagline, click next and select your domain name, Click Next to begin installation.

One you are successful with the installation, you can now log in to your WordPress website through your BlueHost admin area.

  • Login to your BlueHost account
  • Click on “My site” tab from the left menu and hover over your newly created site and click “log in to WordPress”

You can view your blog by typing your domain name on your browser.

Now your Blog is ready, but may not look nice to you when you view it on your browser. You can change the change the appearance by buying a premium affiliate WordPress theme from themeforest.

Let’s search Themeforest:

themeforest themes

There are a lot of themes for affiliate marketing, but Rehub theme by sizam seems to be the best for me.

Rehub was coded having affiliate marketing in mind. It works seamlessly with content egg and affiliate egg plugins to pull offers from any of your favourite online stores anywhere on the internet.

With rehub, you can create a review post, audio post, regular post, video post or even integrate with woo commerce offer.

One cool thing about Rehub and content egg is that they import products from sites and update them regularly. For example,  if a product was imported from Amazon, one Amazon changes the price of that product on their site, the price on your own blog will also be changed.

Are you interested in Autoblog? Rehub uses both content egg and affiliate egg Autoblog feature to populate your site. That means, even if you sleep, your blog will be busy, and making you money.

How to make money through Affiliate Marketing

Who doesn’t need money? Unfortunately, Everyone does!

Making money through affiliate marketing is bit more professional. This is where your marketing effort comes in.

Yes, you need a blog to make money through affiliate marketing, but that isn’t enough. In fact, research has shown that 80% of the people who visit your blog never comes back when they leave. So relying only on your blog to bring in sales is not the best thing.

You have to convert those first-time visitors to your blog into leads and then, customers. That’s where email list building comes in.

Why list building is necessary

The first code of affiliate marketing is “email list”.

No one claims to be selling things without having customers, right? The same thing goes to affiliate marketing. In fact, Pamela Neely of content works has calculated each email subscribers to worth $1. That means 10,000 lists of email subscribers should be able to generate $10k in revenue.

HubSpot also proved that their email marketing effort returns an astonishing 3800% ROI (Return On Investment). That also means, according to HubSpot, that every $1 they spend on email marketing returns $38.

If you want to make money through selling affiliate products, email list is something you should not neglect.

Convert your Blog readers into email subscribers

There is no guarantee that everyone on your blog will freely give in their email address. But you can make them willing to:

Give them something they are hungry for!

Neil Patel, founder of kissmetrics spent over $30,000 creating a report that most people would have happily paid for, but he decided to give it out for free!

You may be wondering why he gave it out for free, but Neil isn’t stupid. He believes that giving out valuable free information help his business grow. And it works!

People love free things a lot.

If you apply Neil’s formula in List building, you will grow your list faster than anyone.

This is how it works:

Create a valuable digital product that your audience really need. EG. A report, ebook, video course, podcast, etc. and give it to them in exchange for their emails.

Here is an optin page I use here at MKTPRofit,

MKTProfit optin image

It may look simple, but it converted over 34,000 visitors in three months.

I’ve also seen opt-in pages that make someone look like a complete idiot for not signing up, something like this:

Timothy opt in page

Take note of the second option.

Timothy used this on his blog to capture email addresses of his readers. But something is happening here. You may be wondering why Tim used such option…

Science research shows that two options convert really well more than just one option. That’s why timothy took that into his list building effort.  And knowing fairly well that no one with his right senses will prepare to be lazy and eat Cheetos.

When someone clicks on the first button, a signup form appears where they can put in their email address, but what if they click on the second button?

Well, maybe they will be given a second option to subscribe. Here is what I mean:

On my landing page, I have two buttons. The first button leads to a page where I collect lead for “Social Media Traffic Course”, and the second button that says “No, I don’t need traffic” leads to another page where I collect leads for another course, “How to convert your traffic into leads and make more money”.

So, whichever option a visitor choose, he will be taken to an optin page.

Find Affiliate Programs to join

There are several affiliate programs with a high commission rate. I have listed them along with 201 highly profitable Niches for Affiliate marketing. Still, yet, there are still some multi-purpose affiliate programmes for your niche.

  1. Amazon Associate Programme
  2. eBay partner programme
  3. shareAsale
  4. ClickBank
  5. CJ Affiliate

Amazon associate programme: this is one of the best new-user-friendly platforms with a longer cookies duration. They take care of all the sales process for you. Your job is to bring in new customers from your blog or email campaign.

There are millions of products that can be found on Amazon, plus new ones being added daily.

eBay Partner programme: this is yet another affiliate programme worth giving a try. eBay affiliates enable you to promote on social media and blogs to get a commission from sales.

ShareAsale: is one of the largest affiliate networks you can find on the internet, and of Corse, one of the oldest. It has been around for more than two decades.

SaheAsale hosts over 10 million products in about 40 categories. Their commission rate is very impressive.

ClickBank: The best affiliate marketing platform for both advertisers and publishers. They have over 20 categories and reaches more than 200 million people worldwide. People use ClickBank mostly because of their high commission rate. As high as 75%.

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction): is designed for more experienced marketers. It features over 300 brands including many world’s top brands. CJ boosts of a 43% year-to-year growth in commission, which makes it an attractive option for many.

Affiliate Marketing – FAQ

Q. who is an affiliate marketer?

A. An affiliate marketer is an individual or company that sells other person’s or companies products and services for a percentage share in revenue.

Q. How can I become an affiliate marketer?

A. To become an affiliate marketer, you should at least get some basic knowledge. Affiliate marketing Blueprint is a free ebook that teaches you every secrete of successful affiliate marketing, and prepare you for great success.

Q. What are the gains / loss of being an affiliate marketer?

A. As an affiliate, you stand to make more money even without having a product of your own. There are other benefits of being an affiliate, EG. You are going to master everything about marketing before launching your own product. Affiliate marketing also helps you raise enough money to launch your own product, since product launch requires money.

Q. how do affiliates get paid?

A. Affiliates get paid whenever they send traffic that actually converts to a merchant’s website. If you register as an affiliate, you are given an affiliate link. This is the link you use to refer customers.
One your commission earning has reach a certain amount (threshold) you will be paid out through paypall, wire transfer, etc.

Q. Does it cost money to register?

A. No! There is no cost associated with becoming an affiliate marketer. You can sign up to any program at absolutely no cost.   However, you may need to invest money in adverts if you don’t have enough traffic to your blog,


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