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7 Kind of jobs you can do as a student and still Nail your papers.

As a student, you need money to keep surviving while you are in school. but the problem maybe you do not have enough time to go out there and make yourself some money. so, what should you do? Here are some job for students…

Today I am going to 7 kinds of work you can do while you are still in the university without shacking your school program and without giving you so much burden.

In fact, you are going to generate different sources Of Income while you still nail your papers.

The information I am going to share with you here is guaranteed to work for just every student who want to make more money while they study.

Let’s get started…

Job For Students: 4 kinds of job you can be doing as a student without failing your exams

Freelance Writing - job for students

#1. Freelance Writing

I am not sure if there is any student who cannot write… You have been writing essays, compositions, projects, etc. just to get some credit marks. Do you also know you can make a lot of money with your writing skills?

OH YES. You can! it doesn’t even need to be perfect cos it is not going through any text of punctuation checks and all that. One you can write something a primary school pupil can read, you should be able to make money.

Freelance Writing is one of the best ways to make money from home, and I think this fits better for students because it will not only make them money but also help improve their writing and thinking skills along the line.

Writing doesn’t require any investment except “TIME” of which you can always squeeze out from your spare time. about 1 – 4 hours is enough to put down something that can make you up to $25 -isn’t that okay?

There are sites like Strong Whispers, Link-Able,, and Uxbooth, etc. that can pay you a good amount for writing.

Even if you do not want to sell your articles, you can as well publish them on your blog (see no.2) and still make money pout of it.

job for students - Blogging

#2. Blogging

When you hear “Blogging”, what comes to our mind are online magazines or gossip websites like lindaikejisblog. well, these sites make a whole lot of money, but you do not have to go that extreme as a student because it will start to take more of your time than your studies.

The kind of blog I want you to start is a niche blog that will enable you to sell something and make some money as an affiliate – See Complete beginners guide to starting an affiliate website from scratch.

Affiliate marketing is winning today! and you can make up to 6 figures as a part-time blogger/affiliate while you study in school.

One thing I like about blogging is that the more popular your blog becomes, the more money you stand to make. Even when you are out of school, you will still be making enough money blogging.

What does it cost to own blog?

Owning a blog costs nothing except you want to go professional, then you may have to invest in a domain name and hosting platform which will cost you about $2.95/mo.

You don’t even need a laptop to start blogging (though it is better to use a laptop). but with your smartphone, you can start a free blog using Google’s Blogger.

Making Money with Blogs:

The most popular way of making money with your blog is using a contextual ad serving platform called Adsense. Adsense is provided by Google and they pay you whenever an ad is served on your website. But then, you need thousands of website visitors to make enough money with them.

As a student, you do not have to kill your time looking for about 3000 website visitors a day to make money from Adsense, so your best choice of monetization is Affiliate Marketing. Here is a guide to Amazon Affiliate Network.

job for students - Drop-shipping

#3. Drop-shipping

When I was in school, E-commerce wasn’t so popular, I never heard a thing like Drop-shipping. Even though I was making roughly ₦450,000 ($1244.81) each month with my blogs, I would have loved to Drop-ship.

Drop-shipping looks similar to Affiliate marketing, but when you look closer, they are far different.

In Affiliate marketing, you send your blog readers to a product page on another person web-shop (EG. and get a commission when they make a purchase, But when it comes to drop-shipping, you are the owner of the shop. You set the price of the product you want to sell as if you own them, when someone buys, you push the order to the supplier who will now process the delivery on your behalf. In that case, you own 100% profit.

Does it sound nice? OH, I’m sure it does.

Now let me shock you a bit…

If you are not very careful about your studies, you are going to drop out of school. Because you are going to be tempted to face business when you start seeing profits coming from Drop-Shipping.

What I actually mean is that Drop-Shipping can generate Millions of dollars for you if you have a good marketing strategy depending on how profitable your niche is.

If you know nothing about Drop-shipping, and you are willing to tap into it, Here is a beginner’s guide…

#4. Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

Students are more active on social media these days, They are either connecting with friends or families and nothing out of it except if they want to ask for help.

What if you could be paid for being active on Social Media? Oh! No one is going to pay you that way. But you can get yourself busy and make some money with SMMA.

Social Media Marketing Agency is a big deal. It can make you millions even as a student.

Instead of spending all your mobile data clicking and liking pictures on Facebook and Instagram, you should get started with SMMA and minimize the financial pressure you impose on your parents and guardians.

Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) is all about managing other businesses Social Media Account and getting paid for service. Simple And Short!

Take a look around, you will find out that up to 60% of businesses around are owned by Men/Women over the age of 60. Believe me, these men know so less about the internet. Even if they can send and receive emails, they will be totally lost when they come to running adverts across the internet. That’s why they need someone like you.

All you need to do is walk into those offices, talk to them about marketing their products on Social media, Tell them how everyone is using social media to promote their businesses. If they are interested, you can charge them as little as $5,000 for adverts where you can spend only about $3,000. then the rest of the money is yours.

Over To You!

Are you currently making any money as a student or do you rely on your parents to assist you when you need some money?

If you are not, I bet you, One of the above will work perfectly for you.

And if you already have some source of income, share your opinion on the comment section.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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