What are the List Building techniques that work in 2020?

Today, you are going to learn the different list Building techniques that work this year, and how you can rapidly grow our email subscriber list by 120%.

“There is money in the list”. That’s Not a new saying! I’m sure you must have heard that a thousand times.

No one can take the name “Online Marketer” if he or she does not have a list of people who want to listen, and probably willing to pay for the products and services he/she offers.

That’s the honest truth… If you must sell a product, there should be customers likely to buy,

What about your website traffic?

Having millions of website traffic puts you in a very high chance of making good sales online… But then, that’s still not enough!

A good number of your website visitors don’t really come back after they exit your website and chances of getting them to come back are just too low.

But When you have their email addresses, you can easily reach out to them from time to time, notifying them of your product and service.

Internet Business should be personal. You need to talk to a customer like you would talk to them one on one before you can be able to convince them to buy your services. For that, you need their email addresses or phone numbers.

How to start building a list…

List Building Is very easy only if you know how to do it right. Many marketers and bloggers have different strategies they use to build their list, and I have decided to bring to you, the best among them.

List Building Techniques That Works

Most times, you place “subscription widgets” on your sidebar, but nothing happens. Why? Because people have nothing to earn from subscribing, other than receiving annoying notifications about posts updates.

If you want to learn how to build your email subscribers list, you should follow this guide till the end!

1. Host Webinars

If you want to grow your email list so fast,  you should consider hosting a webinar.
According to reports, Mariah Coz increased her email list by 600 new subscribers in just 48 hours when he hosted and promoted a webinar.

Webinars don’t only increase your email list, It aswell helps to grow your website traffic by sending people to a landing page on your website.

How to host a webinar

Before you can host a webinar, there are different tools that can be used. Most of them require payment, but I will show you how to start your webinar coaching free!

1. Google Hangout on air

Google has a free tool for a live conference which so many of us don’t know about yet. This is the best webinar alternative tool so far for people with no budget.

Learn how to host a webinar using Google hangout on air.

2. WebinarJam

Another affordable and easy to use webinar software is webinarjam. With this, you can control who participates by registering a password protected webinar rooms.

Learn more about WebinarJam

Other webinar tools you can use:

2. Use pop-ups to collect emails

Even though they can be annoying, they are still very converting! Using pop-ups on your website with eye-catching call-to-actions will leave your visitors with no option than to convert.

Imagine watching your favorite TV program, and then somebody comes to the form of the Television only to get your attention! And then ask: “what is the time? “

That would be annoying, right?

What If the same person comes in front of the Television and says; “Hey! I want to give to $5,000!”?? would you not get interested?

That’s how pop-ups work! If you create pop-ups that will drive people away, people will be forced to leave. But if you create pop-ups with headings and CTA they like, they will be forced to convert.

3. Host a giveaway

Giveaways - list building techniques that works

People like to be surprised, so surprise them!

Free gist can be anything, from case study to ebooks, or any digital materials like plugins, browser extensions, software, etc.

How to collect emails from giveaways

When you give someone a gift, what do they say? thank you, right?
Of course yes, they will always appreciate it.

But here, that is not the case. People give you their email, and you are the one to say “thank you” by giving them a free gift.
You can host a giveaway on your landing page, sidebars, pop-ups, before/after your posts.

4. Create premium contents (protected content)

List building techniques that works

Premium contents are contents specifically created for your subscribers. In that case, anyone outside your email list will not have access to them.

Why protect content when you want people to read them?

At first, people may ignore them! But if you are authority in your niche, people who read your blog will understand you have more information stored on your premium posts. Then, they will subscribe.

Conclusion: List Building techniques that work

Building and managing an email list is necessary for anyone who claims to be an online business owner Because people need direct communication with you before buying your product.

Which other means of lead collection do you use to collect emails? Let us know!

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