Blog Profits 101: 10 ways to make money from your blog in 2020

In this post, you will discover how you can turn your blog into a money generator and make money from your blogs like Noble Igwe and Linda Ikeji.

There has been a lot of hypes on the internet, about some guys making six figures and above on the internet courtesy of their blog.

Not too good to sound true… But it is actually The TRUTH!

Bloggers like Darren Rowse and Peter Rojas are making nothing less than $3,000,000 (three million dollars) from the internet! And how did that happen? It’s through their blog.

Let’s Come to African, Nigeria to be precise, Linda Ikeji is worth NGN 3.2 Billion! Do you know what she does? She’s blogging… A gossip blogger at that!

Joe Okoro also shared a testimony on how he was able to make ₦4 million ($11019.89) from a 3 months old blog with his email marketing strategies. Though that requires some level of expertise which I will disclose here.

In the present world, everything seems to be possible! There is no limit to wealth if you have the right idea and the right set of people to inspire you.

Blogging is not for people who don’t have a wealthy man’s mindset!

Why should you even blog?

There are more than 440 million blogs on the internet already!

And if you ask them, 75% of these blogs were created having “money” in mind. So, what happens when the money is not forthcoming? The majority abandon their blogs. And these are the set of people who will tell you “there is no money blogging!”

Believe me, This very blog you are reading now is making not less than $10,000 at the end of every month when I don’t even spend more than 4hrs on it a day.

I didn’t just get up there! It took me years of learning, trying and failing.. And today I’m happy with my results.

Don’t you think you can also do that?

Let me tell you what my mentor told me, her name is Boss Faith, she said to me, and I quote: “the difference between a rich man and a poor man is not their handset, but their mindset!”

If Linda Ikeji who is now the richest blogger in Africa had a “poor man’s mindset”, she wouldn’t have continued after blogged for three straight years without making a dime.

In essence, there is practically no one who can’t make money blogging if they do it the right way.

I previously shared a step by step guide on how to start a blog. In case you missed it, you can find it here: how to start a blog the right way

How do blogs generate income?

This varies from niche to niche… To be honest, not all niches can make you much money. This is where most newbie bloggers who want to make money fail. Choosing the wrong niche!

Blogs on the entertainment industry can only depend on display ads, and maybe some sponsored movies or music reviews. But other blogs on other niches may see display ads as a waste of time.

Look at, you can’t see any single advert there. Take a look at, no single ads, but they are making a huge amount of money every month.

Now, let me show you all the possible ways you can turn your blog into a cash machine.

How to make money from your blog in 2020.

Blog profit

Selling digital products and services.

Selling products on your blog is the fastest way to make money from it. This is the very method most entrepreneurs and digital marketers make their millions online. They create a product that will solve people’s problems and then put it on sell on their blog.

I think that’s what actually made Syed Balkhi (the founder of the world’s top richest blogger! He created wpform, monster insight, optin monster, etc.

Now, you don’t have to create such expensive products for you to become successful in your blog business. Especially if you don’t have any coding background.

There are other kinds of products you can create…

You can pay someone as little as 50 bucks to help you create a browser extension that can actually solve problems and then sell it to the people who need it.

Another type of digital product you can actually create on your own is e-books.

Ebooks are fast selling. And anyone can create one! If you are too busy that you can’t create one, we have a lot of ebooks with resell rights in our book shop.

In fact, all our ebooks come with reseller rights! Go check them out!

Other digital products…

Professional services such as website design, SEO consultation, business audit, graphic design, etc.

Accepting sponsored posts.

If you are doing well, and have consistent website traffic, companies around may want to target your audience.

They do that by writing a sponsored post on your blog and you can charge them as little as much as you can.

Some top bloggers such as Linda doesn’t charge anything less than $1239.74 for post sponsorship.

Even though I expected that to be much because she’s getting up to 1m monthly visitors to her blog.

You can not charge as much as Linda does, because it will take you years before you can get up to 1 million traffic to your blog. So start with something little and increase as you build your traffic…

Ideally, starters should charge as little as $150 – $250 per sponsored post.

Turning your blog to a membership site.

You can make a lot of money selling membership on your site. This can be done when you have content you want to serve to only paid members of your site.

Luckily, there is a number of free WordPress plugins that can help you archive that:

  1. paid membership pro
  2. s2member
  3. memberpress, etc.

Paid membership sites are making a lot of money in the blogosphere. So consider creating one if you have something worth exchange for money.

Offer online courses.

If you have some teaching skills, then you can consider starting an online classroom where you can sell your courses and materials to your students.

Don’t know what online courses are? Take a look at these two sites…

Now can you guess how much each course cost? As low as $9.99 but if 100 people buy a course if 9.99USD, is $999

Accept paid reviews.

A paid review is when you collect money from a company to review their product on your blog for your audience to read them.

This kind of monetization method can work mostly for tech bloggers, review and affiliate websites who have tons of website traffic.

For example, if you have a gadget review website with a large amount of traffic, companies who have new gadgets may send you their products for free for you to review, or pay you for your review.

Start a live coaching program.

If you can couch people on how to do anything! How to make Shoes, how to secure a job, how to do anything! Or even inspire them. You can actually make a lot of money out of it.

Take a look at, that guy has made a lot of money coaching people on how to make money.

His cashflow system costs $997.00 and more than a thousand has purchased it.

On the other hand, Joe Okoro who is a Nigerian Couch on the “make money online” niche is among the top respected guys on the internet business over the years.

Theses guys are making tons of money! So if you have what it takes, you can join the league and blog your way to success!

Affiliate marketing.

Apart from AdSense and display ads, Affiliate marketing is the most common way of monetizing a blog.

This is the monetizing method most of us use. You don’t need to create a product, you don’t need to buy a product. You only need to find a product and promote.

What you should know about Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing system by which you promote someone else products and get a commission when a sale is recorded.

The majority of internet marketers use this medium to bag up to $250,000 each month but you can never hear them say it.

To get started with affiliate marketing, I have some ebook titled “supper affiliate secrets” and affiliate marketing blueprint. Check them out in our shop.

Selling ads space.

Instead of sharing revenue with advertising companies such as Google Adsense, you can sell ads space directly to your customers and get 100% of the money received.

If you have a lot of traffic to your blog, and your contents are wow, companies and other websites will like to display banner ads over your website is attractive for visitors audience.

Selling of ads space can go for as low as $10 – $50 per month for starter websites. If you Have grown your traffic enough, you can charge higher.

Selling already made blogs

Believe me, many people need a blog, but not all of them can go about creating one.

If you have what it takes, to create and manage multiple blogs, then you can monetize your main blog using this medium.


If you think you can never make it blogging, or you have tried all the possible ways to make money from your blog and they are not working out, you can choose to sell your blog for a high price.

Some websites like and can help you sell your blog.

Display, Contextual and pop up ads.

The last, but not the least way to monetize a blog is enabling third-party ads networks to display ads on your blog and share revenue with you.

Many bloggers only know about this one! That is why Adsense is the most discussed topic in every blogging forums.

Most bloggers, especially in the entertainment news niche use this a lot.

Some of the best Display, Contextual, and Pop up ads are as follow:

  • Adsense
  • Propeller ads
  • PopCash
  • Info links
  • Adsetral


Blogging is awesome! both businesses and individuals can use blogs to market themselves, products and services to a large number of audiences.

While you put in your effort, consider using any of the above-mentioned methods to get extra cash to your wallet.

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