How To Start A Blog Business In Nigeria (In Just 45 mins) And Actually Make Money.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to start a blog business in Nigeria in the next 45 minutes and actually start making a profit out of it. I will show you how to choose a profitable blog niche, A blogging platform, A domain name, A hosting platform and umm… you guessed it! How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria. You will also learn how to write a perfect blog post that attracts readers. In fact, this guide is going to be the first and last of its kind for every Nigerian who want to make money online, in the world of profitable blogging.   If you are ready for this, please come closer to your computer screen.

Why start a blog business in Nigeria?

If you ever wonder why one should start a blog business in Nigeria, you probably do not know what blogs are. So what actually are blog? Let’s ask Google
why start a blog business in Nigeria
Al the definitions found here points to one thing “blogs are frequently updated websites”. But there is more to it. Most of the articles you read online (apart from social media) are blogs. As a matter of fact, you are reading one now.

So, back to the question… why start a blog business in Nigeria?

For several reasons, people want to start a blog business in Nigeria. For example, a company may want to start blogging in Nigeria to update their customers with latest updates. An individual may also want to start a blog business In NIgeria to share his/her day-to-day activities or educate others on how to archive a certain goal. It totally depends on you want to archive by operating a blog. Generally, people are blogging to express their feelings and help others to tap from their knowledge or learn from their mistakes. Blogging is the best way to express yourself through writing! It is also the easiest way to make a full-time income on the internet. We have seen bloggers like Linda Ikeji and Uche Eze Pedro making millions every month. I will also show you different ways of making money through blogging. In fact, people make money writing what they already know or even what they wish they knew. For business owners, starting a blog in Nigeria can also help to bring in more customers because research has shown that 61% of the people who buy thing online read 3 – 4 blog posts before buying. So, if you start a blog in Nigeria and write articles about your products and services, it will definitely make people care about doing business with you. If you are like other businesses who still struggle to drive traffic to their store, think again, blogging could help. There are just too many reasons to start a blog… back to menu ↑

What kind of blog do you even need?

Let’s be honest. An average person who wants to start a blog business in Nigeria is probably thinking about “Entertainment”. If that’s you, then I can bet you don’t even know what blogging is all about. 5 out of 10 blogs in Nigeria are Entertainment blogs, and about 70% of these blogs cover the same topic – you know what I mean. Copy/Paste blogs. Which is why most Nigerian give up on their blogs after the first year of starting a blog. If you want to start a blog business in Nigeria and make a profit out of it, you first have to decide what kind of blog you need to create. There are different kinds of blog you can start right now in Nigeria. I have listed about five of them below. back to menu ↑

1. Personal Blogs

A personal blog is the kind of blog where the blogger writes on anything that interests them. This kind of blog is very popular in Nigeria. They don’t target a specific audience, rather they write on any topic they found interesting. This is the kind of blog where you will see a writer sharing their day-to-day activities, their hobby, Beliefs, sports, even entertainments all in one website. I know you are already thinking about Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Yes, it is so personal that she even used her name as the domain of her blog. Honestly, this kind of blogs works better for celebrities and influencers. So, if you are not a celebrity, then this kind of blog may not favour you. back to menu ↑

2. Personal Brand Blogs

If you are a coach, a consultant or a public figure, then you need a personal brand blog to promote yourself. This kind of blog focuses on the blogger as the brand and often used to build credibility. Sometimes, Personal Brand bloggers may also use their name as their blog’s domain. Just like Yaro Starak. back to menu ↑

3. Business or co-operate Blogs

This kind of blogs only focuses on business. This is where a business writes on different topics related to their products and services, with the purpose of getting more customers. The goal of these kind of blog is to capture lead for their sales funnel. If you are a business owner, whether local or online business, then this is the kind of blog you need. back to menu ↑

4. Niche Blogs

This is one of the most profitable kinds of blogs. Here, a blogger focuses on a specific topic, targeting a specific audience. Honestly, if you are not a business, a celebrity or a couch, this is the kind of blog I encourage you to create. You will make a lot of money here because you will be talking to similar set of people looking for solution to a similar kind of problem. back to menu ↑

5. News Blogs

This is the kind of blog where a publication company writes news on different areas, such as Politics, sports news, etc. Of course, this kind of blog is very competitive, plus it requires a lot of money to keep up. You may need to employ journalists who can report at least five to ten times a day if you want to succeed. A good example is Readers of this kind of blog expect some level of professionalism. So if you are not a journalist, or have no skills in that respect, then this kind of blog will not favour you. Side note: if you want to start a blog business in Nigeria, choose the kind of blog that best suit your need. No matter what kind of blog you choose to create, there is a need to choose a niche. – Discussed below. back to menu ↑

How to choose a blogging niche

Whether you are starting a personal blog, a business blog, personal brand blog or any other kind of blog in Nigeria, if you try to target “Every Body”, you will end up getting to “No Body”. Which is why you need to choose a niche and focus your content around it. Basically, what is a niche?
A blogging niche is a specific topic you’ll write (or create other types of content) about on your blog. Adam Connell
The best way to start a blog business in Nigeria and actually make money is to choose a blog niche and focus on it. But how? I will show you with a practical example. back to menu ↑

01: Brainstorming – look into your passion

Most Nigerians think that blogging is all about publishing contents on the web to get some kind of exposure, and then through in AdSense code to generate revenue. But that’s not the case. Blogging starts with passion, and if you are not passionate about your blog niche, then failiour awaits you. If you have already started an online business and want to start a blog to promote it, then you already know your niche. Just write on any topic related to your business. For individuals who want to start a blog business in Nigeria may have to find a profitable blog niche for their blog. Here is how: back to menu ↑

Find out what you are so good at:

The first step to brainstorming blog niche is to look into your passion and find out what you are good at. If you are not sure about this, you can ask your family and friends about what they think you know better than them. To help you squeeze out the sweet juice, answer the following questions:
  1. What do you find yourself “repeatedly” doing?
  2. When your family and friends come to you for advice, what kind of problem were they facing?
  3. What are your biggest challenges? Are you too shy? Do you always go to work late? Etc.
  4. If you were to improve any of your skills, what will that be?
Write down your answers on a sheet of pepper, you will be surprise what you will come up with. In my own case, I came up with the following ideas:
  • Designing graphics – I do this almost all day.
  • Codding websites – Sometimes I do it for friends without collecting money
  • Blogging tips and advice – Most of my friends are bloggers anyway, they come to me anytime they need blogging advice
  • Saving money – One of my biggest challenge. Honestly, I have a big problem saving money and I like reading blogs on that topic.
  • Writing – I am not very good in putting up words together. It is a skill I want to improve.
Putting all these together, I have a list of blog Niche Ideas:
  1. Graphic Design
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Blogging
  5. Blog Widgets
  6. WordPress
  7. Blogger
  8. Investments
  9. Finance
  10. Copywriting, etc.
If you do the same thing, you will come up with a totally different ideas. Try it, I will wait. back to menu ↑

Checkout what’s selling on marketplaces:

Another way to brainstorm Blog Niche idea is by peeping on top marketplaces and find out what’s selling. You can do this by checking the site’s bestseller. For example, if you are going to use Amazon, go Amazon’s best-seller and find out what products are selling more. Analyze the page and figure out which products fall into the same category. If there are many best-selling products within a category, then there is a profitable Niche within that category. Here is what I mean: when I checked Amazon’s Best-seller,  I found over 100 products on KItchen & Dinning Category. I don’t need to be told that topics around cooking will attract audience. Alternatively, you can go through Amazon and get inspired by over 200+ categories. Didn’t work for you? Maybe there is another way out. Checkout this list of 201 Profitable Blog Niche for your blog. back to menu ↑

02. Research your Niche Competition.

Honestly, even if you are so passionate about your Niche, If you start a blog business in Nigeria on a very competitive Niche, it will take a long time for you to be heard. From here, what you will have to do is check the competition of all the Niche ideas on your list and cross out the ones that are very competitive. Here is how: Plug in your seed keywords into SEMrush Keyword magic tool
how to start a blog business in nigeria
SEMrush Keyword Magic tool is a keyword research tool that gives you the keyword difficulty and search volume of a given keyword. For example, if I want to check what the competition of a Niche (EG. BLOGGING) is like, I will plug in the keywords “BLOGGING”, “START A BLOG”, etc. into SEMRush.
find low competative niche
AS you can see, the keyword difficulty is above “70” which means it is a very competitive one. I have to cross it out. If a keyword is difficult to target, it means there are several other bloggers trying to rank for that keyword. And the idea of joining the competition is not always a nice one unless you have some promotion budget. Instead, find other niches where there are moderate competition. back to menu ↑

03. Research Profitability

Now that you have found some Niche for your Blog, next thing you should check is if there is money to be made on that Niche. Honestly, if you start a Blog business In Nigeria on a niche that is not profitable you will only be spinning the wheals. No one wants to tap into a market where there is little or no Money, right? That’s the essence of researching Niche Profitability. Before anyone can make money blogging in Nigeria, they must target a Niche where there are plenty of buyers and of course, plenty of products to sell. I usually call this a HUNGRY MARKET.
a hungry marjet
If you can’t find offers to promote, you won’t make enough money. Also, if you can’t find people to sell to, you still won’t make enough money. How do you know if a Niche is profitable? It’s simple, go to top market places like “AMAZON”, “JUMIA”, ”JVZoo”, “”, etc. and find out  if there are products actualy selling, related to your Niche. In my own case, I am going to research the profitability of this very saturated Niche, “BLOGGING”, and I will use JVZoo to check. First, I will access and create an account for free.
Once my account has been approved, I will browse through JVZoo product Categories and find out if there are any product related to “Blogging”.
As you can see, JVZoo has over 100 juicy products I can promote as an affiliate and make money. Another way to research Niche profitability is by using Google Keyword Planner.
google keyword planner
Plug in your seed keyword into GKP and you will get some numbers including how much advertisers are paying for that keyword. Here is the key: if someone is paying a he per click, which means “BLOGGING” is a profitable Niche. That will be all for choosing a profitable Niche for your blog. Let’s look at how to register a domain name and actually host your blog. back to menu ↑

How to register a domain name and get a hosting plan in Nigeria

It is easy to start a blog business in Nigeria. Like I said earlier, it usually take less than 45 minuites. However, if you are a new comer, you will spend more time finding a domain name and deciding which hosting platform to go with. When starting a blog, two things are essential.
  1. A domain Name – your blog address on the internet
  2. Hosting Plan – A cloud server where your blog will be hosted and accessed from.
They both work hand-in-hand, and can be obtained right here in Nigeria without worrying about dollar-naira conversion charge on your MasterCard. A domain name in Nigeria cost only #3900 (for a top .com domain) while Nigeria specific domain ( cost only #1500. As for hosting, you can start with as little as #500/month with a free domain. back to menu ↑

Why we choose Qserver over other Nigerian Hosting Companies

When it comes to website hosting, so many factors go into consideration. For example, the response time of the server is measured to determine how fast your blog will load. In fact, we texted Qserver with other hosting companies in Nigeria and was shocked at the result. Here was what went down:
Server Response Time by Country US (E) Japan London Singapore Garmany
Qservers 1 ms 4 ms 10 ms 3 ms 5 ms
DomainKing 5 ms 8 ms 25 ms 7 ms 20 ms
WhoGoHost 3 ms 6 ms 27 ms 5 ms 30 ms
SmartWeb 2 ms 4 ms 27 ms 4 ms 15 ms
hostNowNow 4 ms 6 ms 28 ms 7 ms 10 ms
Utiwire 3 ms 5 ms 4 ms 6 ms 10 ms
As you can see, outperformed other Nigerian host in terms of speed. and also, 99% uptime is guaranteed. We even texted Qserver against Siteground and was amazed by the result.
Server Response Time by Country US (E) Japan London Singapore Garmany
Qservers 1 ms 4 ms 10 ms 3 ms 5 ms
SiteGround 3 ms 148 ms 92 ms 223 ms 148 ms
“Siteground is a webhost we recommend for international projects” back to menu ↑

How to get started with Qserver and start a blog business in Nigeria

First things first. Head over to and choose a hosting plan of your choice. Qserver hosting starts from NGN5,000 per year for a small website, to NGN525,000 per year for a heavy traffic website. Each plan comes with a free Nigerian second-level domain (, a free SSL certificate and a one-click app installer powered by softaclause. Once you choose your preferred plan, click on “Order Now” to proceed. On the next page, you will be required to either Register a new domain, Transfer your domain from another registrar or Update the nameservers of your existing domain.
Registering a new domain name cost NGN 4,300 per year for a “.com” domain and 100% free for a “” domain if you are hosting it for one year and above. Once you enter your domain name and click “Continue”, you will be redirected to the checkout page. from there, you can confirm your order and proceed to checkout. Once you make a payment, wait a few minutes for your order to be processed. Now you have a space on the server. What you will do next is install WordPress – your blogging platform. Why WordPress? You asked. WordPress is not the only blogging platform out there, but it is by far better, in terms of customization, ease-of-use, SEO and of course Monetization. Most bloggers I know, including Ladun Liadi and Kemi Filani, uses WordPress. We have even seen top Nigerian Bloggers like Linda ( and Jide ( migrate from other platforms to WordPress. back to menu ↑

How to install WordPress

Qservers has WordPress install wizard, powered by softaclus – it’s really easy and takes a few clicks. Log in to cPanel by simply adding “/cpanel” just after your domain name. like this:

Then login using your credentials (please see email from [email protected] for your login details) At this point, you will be facing different apps. Scroll right down to softaclous app installer and select WordPress.
This will take you to WordPress overview page.
Click on “Install Now” to prompt the installation wizard. You don’t need any other ting except filing the form in your computer screen. From here, the wizard takes the wheel. Get yourself a glass of water while you wait for WordPress to install. If installation message is complete, a success message will show up.
Now you have your new WordPress blog up and running. You will be able to login to your blog admin area by adding “/wp-admin” just after your domain name. Like this:

The first thing you will need to do in your WordPress admin area is to change the permalink structure. By default, WordPress adds month and day to your URL for individual blog posts. Which according to Yoast is not very good for SEO. To change your URL structure, head over to settings > permalink and you have 6 patterns to choose from.
You have the opportunity to choose any URL pattern you want. back to menu ↑

How to design your WordPress Blog using themes and plugins

Congratulations on your new blog. Your journey to the world of Profitable Blogging has just begun. However, there is one more thing you need to do. Customize your blog to stand out among other Nigerian blogs. By default, every WordPress Blog has a similar look. With the boring “Twenty Twenty” theme activated upon installation of WordPress. To give your WordPress blog a unique look, you need a premium WP theme. But don’t worry if you don’t have money to spend on wp themes. There are some free themes that are highly customizable, such as Neve by themeisle  and Ocean WP. Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add new. This will give you access to WordPress theme repository. Then install a free theme from available WordPress themes and activate. back to menu ↑

How to set up your blog for SEO

Now that you have finally launched your blog, next thing you need to do is make sure your blog appears on Google and other search engines. It is called Search Engine Optimization. Further reading:
  1. On page SEO: the ultimate guide
  2. How to do SEO on WordPress website
  3. Search engine optimization: the essential guide
To get started with SEO on your new WordPress blog, you need a plugin called Rank Math. Rank Math is one of the best and affordable WordPress SEO plugin in the market. It is free to use in any website, with an option to upgrade to a higher plan. To install Rank Math, make sure you are on your blog’s admin area (dashboard), then navigate to PLUGINS > ADD NEW On the search bar, type in “Rank Math” without quotes and WordPress will return search result while you type. Click “Install” to install rank math on your WordPress blog. Next, click “Activate”.
activate Rank Math
Once the plugin is active, it takes care of 60% of your blog’s technical SEO. It will also guide you on content optimization process. back to menu ↑

How to write your First Blog post

WordPress is a powerful platform with a friendly interface. Writing a blog post is super easy, especially with the new Gutenberg Editor. To write a blog post on WordPress, just navigate to POSTS > ADD NEW and start writing. If you are not familiar with the new editor, here is a walk through…
  • (A) – lets you add new blocks.
  • (B) – undo/redo buttons
  • (C) – gives you access to document settings, covering things like categories & tags, featured images, etc. This is similar to the current sidebar in the WordPress editor
  • (D) – when you have an individual block selected, this gives you access to settings that are specific to that block
  • (E) – lets you access a live preview of your post or publish/update your post
  • (F) – once you add some blocks, this is where you’ll actually work with your post’s content
Below is a video guide on how to use WordPress Gutenberg Editor
back to menu ↑

Further Reading:

Now that you have started a bog in Nigeria, and probably written your first blog post, what next? It’s time to drive traffic, find offers to promote and make money! This is where the journey begins, and where most bloggers fail. I have discussed several ways to drive traffic to a new blog earlier on this blog, but I will list three most common ways to drive traffic.
  • SEO: this stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the effort you put to increase the quality and quantity of your blog traffic by increasing its visibility on Search Engines. SEO is the best way to drive quality traffic to a blog, and it is so easy to learn if you are determined and willing to try out different methods.
  • Social Media: this is another good source of traffic. Over the year, people have been using Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest to drive maximum traffic to their blog. However, things have changed. You can barely get enough traffic from social media these days. But don’t worry, I have a social traffic hack. A formula I’ve been using to drive over 300K monthly visitors. Click here to get my 10-days course on Social Media Traffic Hack!
  • Q&A website: You can use Q&A websites not only for finding Niches. It is also a good source of traffic. You will be surprised what people are asking on Quora. By answering their questions, you can send them to your blog. This is how you do it:
  1. Find a question within your niche,
  2. Give a very useful and in-depth answer
  3. Drop a link to your blog as a resource.
By doing that, you will get more people craving to read your blog posts. back to menu ↑

How to start a blog business In Nigeria – Frequently Asked Question

How do I find topics to write about?

There are several ways to come up with a topic idea. For example, surveying your audience, participating in forums and visiting Q&A websites like Quora, Yahoo Answer and Reddit. Other ways to find topics ideas without stress include: 1. Spying on Competitors 2. Doing proper keyword Research

Can I still be a blogger if I cannot code?

Yes! You can still be a blogger. Today’s blogging doesn’t really require any coding skills, because there is software that takes care of the codes. All you need is good planning.

Can I still create a blog if I don’t have money?

Yes! Blogging does not require so much money to start –you can even start for free! Without investing $1. However, it takes money to make money. If you want to make a full-time income, blogging, you should be willing to invest at least $2.97/month for premium services.

Should I write with my Dialect?

Except you are writing for a specific (people who understand your dialect), Blogs should be written in a language most people understands. Preferably, English.

How do bloggers make money?

There are a majority of ways to make money blogging. The most popular is DISPLAY ADS, for example, AdSense. AdSense places adverts on your blog and pay you $0.1 – $0.5 each time 1000 people view the ads, or $0.20 -$17 each time someone clicks on the ads. it this totally depends on your blog Niche. Read my guide on how to make up to $300 per day with AdSense. Another way people make money blogging is by participating in affiliate programs. This happens to be the easiest way to make a good amount of money with your blog. Read my ultimate guide to affiliate Marketing. In fact, I have also written a whole lot of ways to make money blogging. Read My Bloggers guide To Profit.

How many plugins should I install?

Every Plugin has its own function. There is no idea number of plugins you can install. However, it is recommended you disable any plugin you are not making use of, to ensure nothing is drawing back your site speed.
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