4 Premium Ads Networks That pay higher than AdSense

While Google AdSense is the most reputable and most popular way to monetise a Blog, there are still some other premium ads networks that pay higher than Adsense However, you need a high volume of quality traffic coming to your blog to get approved into most of these programs that pay higher than AdSense.

Today, I am going to share with you, 4 premium ads networks that pay their publishers two or three times higher than Google AdSense, and how you can potentially grow your ads revenue using theses premium ads networks.

First, I want to ask you a question.

What’s the monthly volume of traffic to your blog?

The reason for that is most of these premium ads networks will not accept you into their program if your traffic is below 10,000 unique page views per month. But do not worry, I can show you how to grow your blog traffic and hit up to 100,000 unique page views per month or even more, without learning SEO.

While you still build your blog traffic to 100,000+ monthly visitors, you can still monetise your blog content using AdSense. I’ve written an article on how to grow your AdSense revenue up to $3,000 per month. You can start there.

So, what are the premium ads networks that pay higher than AdSense?

Pull your Chair Closer to your computer…

4 premium ads networks that pay higher than AdSense

1. Mediavine

mediavine, best adsense alternative that pay higher than adsense

Mediavine is a premium ads network for publisher and advertisers which is guaranteed to double or triple your ads revenue month after month.

They put work directly with the largest ads exchanges such as Google ADX and other advertisers to get a maximum profit for their ads inventory.

Mediavine is a great network to switch to if you want to make more money with display ads on your blog. They have an average RPM of 420 for every 1000 impressions which are higher than about $1.25 to $5 RPM you get from AdSense for a high competitive niche. Their CPC is $….. Which is almost triple of that of AdSense.

Why do they pay so much?

To keep it simple, Mediavine has a very valuable of ads inventory with the combination of Google AdSense ads and their own advertisers. That means, the highest bidding advertisers will take the spot. Also, Mediavine gives you 75% of the amount paid for an ad, compared to the 68% you get from AdSense. That is 7% more than AdSense share in the revenue.

They really pay more than AdSense, but there is something you need to know…

There is a requirement.

Mediavine is a premium ad network, so not all publishers can monetise using this platform. For example, publishers hat do not have enough traffic to their blog cannot monetise using Mediavine.

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Publishers Requirements:

  • 25,000 Sections: It is really a big amount of traffic that can result in 25,000 sections per month. AdSense doesn’t look at your traffic at all, but the truth is; you need more than 25K monthly traffic to make a reasonable profit from AdSense. Getting 25,000 sections isn’t an additional task. After all, you need the traffic to be able to monetise your blog.
  • A God stands with Google AdSense: Google AdSense is mediavine’s biggest partner. For that reason, you will not be approved if AdSense has previously banned you, or if AdSense refused to approve your blog into Google AdSense program.
  • Original And Engaging Content: if you are going to use mediavine, you should be sure to regularly produce contents originally created by you, and of course engage readers. Using Comment sections on your blog can help prove to them that readers are being engaged.
  • Clean And Whitelisted Traffic: Traffic to your Blog must come from a trusted source. And most of your traffic should come from US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
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Should you switch To Mediavine?

I’ll let you decide.

Choose between earning $1,000 per month and earning $3,000 per month.

If you meet with the requirements, you should definitely switch. There are even more benefits of being with Mediavine:

  • Improved Page Speed: According to Google, page speed is a very important factor for SEO. Good enough, Switching to mediavine will help to improve your page speed as you remove Google AdSense “ASYNC” JavaScript code from your blog. Mediavine uses a lazy load ads format, which means ads will not load on a page until the user scrolls to the point where the ad code is placed. Your website content will completely load before the ads.
  • Your RPM is Double Of AdSense: Google AdSense RPM for high Competitive Keywords is from $3 to $5, or at most $10.wich is half of Mediavine’s $20 RPM. That means if you are currently earning $1000 per month from Google AdSense, switching to mediavine will double or triple your earnings to $2000 and above.
  • You can also monetise Videos: Mediavine has its own video player which you can easily embed on your pages. Just like AdSense and YouTube, mediavine also displays ads on your videos and pay you for that. Their videos can also stick around the browser windows so you don’t miss a click!
  • Mediavine offers free loyalty bonus: the more you stay with mediavine, the more revenue share you get. For example, if you stay one year with them, you will get 1% extra, two years will bring you 2% extra, and so on…
  • Mediavine provides high-quality ads: The guys behind Mediavine are also Bloggers, so they text all ads on their own blogs to decide which ads have a higher revenue potential and let you choose from those ads.

Read Mediavine Review | Join Mediavine

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2. Ezoic:

Ezoic, premium adsense alternative

Ezoic ads pay 2X higher than Google AdSense. The platform is specially designed for publishers with a blog that has a high readership.

Publishers, when accepted into Ezoic will get access into Google ad exchange program which is a higher tie ads network from Google that most publishers cannot get into.

Ezoic program is capable of increasing your CPM (cost per 1000 impression) by up to 232% if you are switching from AdSense.

Another thing that should get you excited about Ezoic is that they split-text all your ads size, location and placement across your site using an “AI tester” to ensure you maximise your revenue.

Ezoic also partners with Cloudflare to make sure your blog is served from a server located close to each individual visiting your blog, so there will be no issue with website speed as the ads load.

They also have what they call “Layout Tester” that determines what version of your website someone is seeing (mobile, tablet, desktop) and serve them the best ad variation.

Again, Ezoic tries to boost your ads revenue by creating additional bidding for your ads. For example, if you have a bidder paying $1.9 / click for a spot on your blog, Ezoic will place your ads on a marketplace and run up the price for you with no extra work from you.

Does that sound great? I must remind you, Ezoic is a premium ad network, meaning you are only welcomed if you reach certain requirements.

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Publisher’s Requirement:

  • 10,000 monthly traffic: you must have at least 10,000 people coming to your blog every month.
  • Good stand with Google: Ezoic partner with Google AdSense to deliver quality ads alongside their own network of advertisers. So, you must not have been banned by AdSense before getting into the program.

There are also a lot of policies you must follow:

  • No invalid click
  • Not offering counterfeit goods
  • No copied content from other sites
  • The site must have a reliable traffic source
  • No gambling contents
  • No falsely encourage goods, etc.
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Should you switch to Ezoic?

Ezoic is one of the best ad networks out there. If you have what it takes, you should not hesitate to join the program after reading this.

Read Ezoic Review | Join Ezoic

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3. Adthrive:

adthrive, premium ads network that pay higher than adsense

Adthrive is another ad network for publishers that can double or triple your ads revenue. It was founded by a married couple back in 2013 and today, they boast of over 60 million Publishers around the globe. Just like mediavine, Adthrive gives their publisher 75% of the ad cost.

Earning through display ads has just got better. However, acceptance into the program is a bit though. Publishers have to build a huge amount of traffic to their blog.

Apart from the traffic requirement, every other thing is cool. Adthrive is a programme you should switch to once you meet their requirement if you really want to make more profit.

Their service features quality ads for content and video monetization, publisher’s dashboard, learning tools, expert support and guidance from a team of experienced staffs.

Adthrive is worth giving a try, but it is not very easy to meet up with their requirements.

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Publisher’s requirements:

  • 100,000 page views per month: Unlike Mediavine and Ezoic, Adthrive requires a whole lot of traffic. 100,000 page views isn’t an easy thing to do. You will even be asked to share your Google Analytics stats for confirmation. (See how to get 100,000+ traffic to your blog every month).
  • Majority of traffic must come from the USA: if a majority of your targeted audience is living outside the United States, then you may not be accepted to use the program. Most Adthrive advertisers are targeting the audience in the United State, so about 80% of your traffic should come from there.
  • Not blacklisted by Google or any other ad network: you must also have a good stand with Google AdSense and other advertising networks.
  • Unique Content: your content must be unique, original and appealing to your audience.
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Should you switch to Adthrive?

Of course, yes! If you read digitaladblog.com’s review on Adthrive, you should see more reasons to switch ASAP.

Read Adthrive Review | Join Adthrive

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4. Monumetric:

monumetric best option for monetization

Monumetric is yet another ads network that has the potential of doubling your ads revenue. They have a bit of different strategy from other ad networks in my list.

This premium ads network will automatically display dynamic ads based on user’s interest and the content of your blog. This is what most ads networks, including Google AdSense, do not do. Instead, they offer static ads.

Monumetric ad units keep updating in real-time, showing new ads even if the user stays on the same page. This will bring an increase in ad unit impression and even more money.

One thing you will definitely love about monumetric is that they pay in PPV (Pay per View) basis. This means, as long as their ads are showing on your blog, you will earn. Clicks are not necessary.

They display video ads, native ads, rich media ads and mobile ads. And their RPM is 3x higher than AdSense.

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Publisher’s requirements to join Monumetric

  • 100,000 monthly page views: To become eligible, your blog must be getting up to 100,000 monthly views. However, publishers who get up to 10,000 but below 80,000 page views will be accepted, but they will be charged a set-up fee of $99 (will be deducted from their earnings).
  • Original and Engaging Content: Your blog contents must be original, and you have to show them that users are actually being engaged. Enabling blog commenting on your blog can help to prove that to them.
  • Frequently updated contents: Your content must be frequently updated. It is recommended you have a schedule of how you update your blog. Take Hootsuite’s guide on how to create a content calendar.
  • No inappropriate content: you must not publish inappropriate contents on your blog.
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Should you switch to monumetric?

For a lot of people, $99 is a lot of money, but I am sure you can pay it off without even knowing. Apart from the set-up fee, I don’t see any reason why not to switch to monumetric right now.

Some benefits of monumetric you will not find elsewhere include:

  • They do the work for you: As long as you give them access to your dashboard, they will go in there and place all the ad code for you in the right places. You don’t really need any work from your side.
  • Ads are updated in real-time: Unlike other ad networks where ads will be updated only when the page reloads, monumtric updates in some seconds even when the user stays on the same page without refreshing the page.
  • Doesn’t require AdSense: Because monumetric is a private ad network, you don’t have to stand in good terms with AdSense before they will accept you. If you have been banned by AdSense, don’t worry. You can still use monumetric.

Read Monumetric Review | Join Monumetric

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Display ads are the easiest way to monetize any traffic. 80% of bloggers are already monetizing using AdSense without knowing there are other alternatives that pay higher than Google AdSense program.

Although most of these premium AdSense alternatives have some certain requirements their publishers should meet, it is still at the publisher’s advantage.

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