Beginner’s guide to Self publishing on amazon kindle – 2021

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You don’t have to wait for several months to find an agent and go through all the stress of working with traditional publishing platforms. All you need is to spend a few hours on your computer.

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Self publishing on amazon kindle is 100% free. You won’t have to pay a penny to put your ideas out there. Again, Amazon will help you sell your books and still let you keep most of the profit.

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I should also tell you, NOT EVERY ONE WHO PUBLISHES ON AMAZON MAKES PROFIT. A lot of amazon kindle books are buried right down the category archives, making them almost unnoticeable to readers.

For that simple reason, you cannot just publish a book and relax for the profit to flow in. you need a strategy.

Today, I am going to guide you on How to publish an ebook on Amazon and actually make money within a few months.

You will learn how to come up with a book idea that people will actually love to read, How to validate your book idea to make sure it is profitable, how to write a HIT book that will outperform others in the same category, how to pinch your book price and so many more.

Let’s dive right in…

Self publishing on amazon kindle – Step-By-Step guide for beginners

How to come up with a book idea

When determining what to write about, it is important to figure out whether you want to write a FICTION or a NON FICTION book.

Fiction and Non-fiction are basically two different things when it comes to writing. The choice of what to write about is simple. If you don’t have the interest in creating a new world and realities, then fiction is not your thing.

On the other hand, if you like writing self-helping books such as manuals, How-tos, or any kind of guide, then Non-fiction is your best fit.

Coming up with a great book idea involves a lot of creative thinking. You will have to unleash your inner self.

Here is a simple guide to help you come up with a book idea…

01. Determine your passion

Writing a kindle book without passion for what topic you are writing doesn’t make sense.  If you jump right into any topic you are not passionate about, your distaste will show through the pages.

Always start by finding out what topics you are passionate about. In that way, you can do more research and come up with something you can show the world and to yourself.

Succeeding online as an Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher takes a lot of time and dedication. You can only get to that point if you are going to write on something you can put a lot of passion into.

02. Choose topics you know a lot about, or something you wish to learn

Even if you do not know much about the topic you are passionate about, you should at least be ready to do some research. That’s why passion comes first.

You need to know much about a topic before you can be able to share ideas with others otherwise you will just be pissing your audience off with your thoughts.

You can always find out what topic you are good at by answering these questions:

  • What do people always ask you advice for? Do people always seek your advice when they have a financial problem? Or when they are frustrated with their relationship?
  • What are the things you find yourself repeating a lot? Do you always go late to work? You do eat late at night? Do you carelessly litter your clothes on the floor of your room?
  • Answer the “What If” questions: what if you don’t have a computer? What if you didn’t go to school? What if you were the opposite sex? Etc. (“What if” questions keep the mind at work…. Try it, you will be amassed what answers you will be getting)

03. Identify Problem and try solving them

Carnegie’s best-seller, how to win friends and influence new people adapted the principles of phycology to help readers’ master social situations. You can also discover problems in your own space. For example, if you always go to work late, you can answer the question “Why am I always late at work?”

How to validate your book idea

Trust me, you won’t want to waste your time writing a book nobody will want to read.

If you want your great idea to be read by people, you need to be sure that there’s an existing audience who want to read them. You can find out by answering these questions:

  • Are there other books related to that topic? Browse through amazon marketplace and find out if there are other books related to your idea. If you cannot find any, then, your idea doesn’t work. Try something else.
  • What’s the competition like? Are there many authors already sharing a similar idea? If there is, chances are you may not be able to compete with them unless you can write better than all of them.
  • Are there enough buyers? There is no point in writing a book when there are not enough buyers.

To help you answer the above questions, you need to:

1. Find a suitable Category.

Here is how:

Access and navigate to Departments > Kindle E-Readers & Books > Kindle Books.

In the menu, click “Best-Seller & More”

Scroll right down and click “Kindle Best-Seller” and select Kindle eBook from the menu.

self publishing on amazon kindle

From here, pick a category that best that best fit your book idea.

2. Check the top 20 books and find out if there are any similar books to your idea.

Next thing you will have to do is check within that category if there are other similar books. It doesn’t have to be exact same idea, anything close will be okay.

For example, let’s say my book idea was “live free or die”, I don’t need to find the exact idea, instead, I will look for closely related ideas like “Be a happy man”.

3. Check Best-seller Rank.

If you want to know if a book is selling on the Kindle platform, the best way to find out is by checking the rank of the best-seller book within your space. There is no actual way to sale number, but through their best-seller rank, you can predict what is selling most.

To find a book rank, simply scroll down the product page and the rank will be displayed just below it.

From here, you can also know the competition.

Highest ranking book (#1 being the highest) sells most, but always difficult to compete. While the lowest ranking books sell low, with low competition.

In that case, you have to find a category where the average best-seller is neither too high nor too low.

Here is how:

  • Browse through a suitable category and access the bestseller books.
  • Start opening the product page of each best-seller book and scroll down the bottom of the page to view their ranks, there you shall see the ranks of all the books.

Here is how to break down the ranking:

  1. Any ranking above 1000 has a great sales number, but it will be difficult to compete with
  2. Ranking from 1000 to 30,000 are less competitive and still have a decent number of sales
  3. Then, ranking below 30,000 has a very low number of sales and also least competitive.

Now, you don’t need to be told that the number in the middle is the honey spot. Aim for categories where there is no much competition and yet a good number of sales.

If you are lucky, you could get your book featured in the top 3 when you finally launch it.

Even if your book is not featured, following the steps above will increase the chances that our book will appear higher in that category. If it appears high enough, it will get lots of exposure and more sale.

Preparing to publish your book on Amazon

To start with, you need a Kindle direct publishing account, which you can easily create by simply going to

Once your account is set, you are almost ready to publish your first book.

Choose a Book Title:

The key to getting potential readers to crack open and read your Kindle book lies on the title. Your kindle book title is the first impression on kindle users and it should interest them, grab their attention and at the most important, relevant to your book idea.

Here are some tips for writing a perfect book Title:

  • The title should be short and easy to remember
  • The title should be descriptive

As a beginner, choosing a book title can be a little bit difficult to spend a lot of time brainstorming and crossing out wrong title ideas.

The best way to get the perfect book title is by writing down everything that comes to mind when brainstorming, and then reviewing them to cross out irrelevant ones from the list of title ideas.

Create Appealing book cover

Remember the old adage that says; “a book should not be judged by its cover”? I totally disagree with it here. Even if your book houses the most powerful and interesting topics, if your book cover is mediocre, it won’t entice anyone to read them.

Your kindle book cover should send a clear message!

A while ago, a self-published author, Martins Lake tripled his sales by simply changing his book cover without neither the title, sub-title nor the book itself.

The idea is simple. Good visuals attracts the eyes.

If you don’t create appealing covers for your kindle books, I bet you, no one is going to buy them.

Creating a book cover may not be as easy for beginners. If you are self-publishing for the first time, and not familiar with graphics application, then you can give the job to someone who knows graphics stuff well.

There are also some online applications that hosts already made book covers. All you need to do is edit them to fit your book genre.

Write a killer book description

The description of your Kindle book is the most important selling tool you have. They should be able to convince anyone who read them.

Most shoppers are on hunt for their next read. They will consider a number of books, and the one whose description entice them most they shall go for. Having this in mind, you should be able to write more than just a description for your kindle should be magnetic.

To write a killer Kindle book description, take a look at what other best-sellers are doing with their book description. To do that, you have to browse through categories on the Amazon Kindle Book section (Department > Kindle e-readers & Books > Kindle Books) and choose a sub-category that is close to your book.

At this point, you will be faced with the top-selling book but you will notice there are a lot of free books with $0. You will have to ignore them completely.  -They may be selling because they are free!

Here, you should examine the descriptions on the top book and take note of similarities. This will help you craft your own book description.

How to publish an ebook on Amazo Kindle

Having your book, cover, title and description ready, it is now time to publish them on Amazon kindle and make them ready for purchase.

On this section, I am going to walk you through the step-by-step process of self-publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Stage 1. Setting up your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account.

Before self-publishing on Amazon Kindle, you should first have an account set up with them. To do that, head over to and register with your Amazon account.

Next, click “Update” in your account information and fill in your tax information. (You must not skip it)

Once you enter your tax information, click “Finished” and you will be sent to the main page.

At this point, your account is set up. You will now proceed to the second stage.

Stage 2. Adding the details of your book.

Next step is to add your book details such as title, sub-title (optional) and description. To do that, click on “bookshelf” and then, “add new title”.

Fill out the form by adding the book title, subtitle, description and the keyword you want people to find your book with.

Next, upload the book cover and then, the manuscript (The book in PDF format).

When you are done with uploading the book, text it using amazon online viewer to make sure it looks okay.

Next, click “save and continue” and you will be taken to the “rights and pricing” page. Here, you should choose “worldwide rights”.

Choose “70% royalty rate” and select your price. Then, click “save and publish”.

Step 3.  Promoting your book

Before your book stands a good chance to rank higher on the kindle platform it must have sold a good number of copies and receive a handful of reviews. To get all that, you need a promotion strategy.

Where to start? …start with the pricing.

For a start, you should price your book $0.99 for a couple of months, and then increase the price. The reason for that is to make a lot of sales and a lot of reviews early.

Amazon doesn’t look at the price of the book, instead, they look at the number of copies sold. So, when your book is priced 99 cents, and you have a good promotion strategy, a good number of people will buy.

Here is the thing, Amazon will promote your book if they could see any sale made by you. Ones they start featuring your book at the top of your category best-seller, you can set your price higher to make more money.

How do you promote?

There are different ways to promote your book but I will only cover the best ways known to me.

Promote to your email list:

If you already have a list of email subscribers, you can promote your book to them even before the actual launch. Send them emails telling them about the upcoming book launch and give them a tip of what the book covers.

Ideally, you can share a chapter with them to prepare their mind of what they should be expecting.

Tell your blog readers about it:

If you are blogging on a similar niche with your Kindle book, then your blog readers should be your primary audience. Write a blog post informing them of your kindle book. Tell them what topics are covered and how they can benefit from them.

Use book Promotion sites:

There are sites that promote books. These sites have massive list of subscribers who love reading books, and they will receive an email that links to your book.

Here are some of such site;

Yes, they are not free, plus considering you will be getting $0.35 per sale, you may think you are at the losing side.

But once you start getting enough sales and reviews, Amazon will start promoting your book at the top page of your book category without charging you for it.

Are you ready to start making money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

There is no excuse for waiting! Step on it right now!

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