Social media marketing mistakes you should avoid by all means

Marketing would not be complete without social media and that is why most companies have a social media handle!   Most times, people often think that social media marketing is dead, but that’s not the case.

Social Media Marketing is much more alive! Your Marketing efforts failed because you have failed to create a good strategy.   

In this post, I will show you the most common Social Media Marketing mistakes almost every marketer makes on a daily basis. 

If you are taking Social Media Marketing so serious, you need to know that it does not end in just creating an account on every Social network on the web. A lot needs to be put in place.   

Why you are at it, avoiding these common social media marketing mistakes will help increase ROI.


How often do you post on social media? What language do you use? How fast are you in answering questions from your customers?   

Those are questions you need to answer by yourself. Because, if things keep changing regularly, customers will jot be able to relate with you. So, to build your brand, you need to: 

  • Make yourself available to your customers
  • Post on your social media handles at least twice a week
  • Make sure your customers get familiar with the tone you use.
  • Try as much as you can to respond to every comment on your posts.


Every social media should be treated separately. Don’t copy the same text you posted on Facebook to Twitter, it’s like speaking Spanish in Germany.    Do not forget that each social media has its own custom audience, type of content and language.   

For example, If you want to sell fashion wears and gadgets, you should target the Instagram audience instead of wasting time on LinkedIn and Twitter. Or maybe you want to promote a brand, Facebook would be your best bet!    You cannot promote 18+ products on Facebook, but twitter can take it.


You want to be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tencent, etc. That’s not the problem, but how do you intend to manage all these accounts? Are you not going to bite more than you can chew?   

As a social media marketer, you need not have more than two social media accounts at once, depending on how wide your audience spread.   

Do not stress yourself too much trying to maintain different accounts, instead, monitor your audience and know where they participate mostly and stick with them there. If you are marketing primarily for ladies, you should know Pinterest and Instagram is the best place to be.


When customers give negative feedback, he/she is not satisfied with your product or service. o do not think it doesn’t matter. you should at least see it as an opportunity to improve your brand.   

Negative feedback is a customer’s honest opinion about a product they bought or a service they subscribed to. The more detailed feedback is, the easier for a brand to understand the product’s shortcomings.   

Try to communicate with the person who dropped negative feedback, asking him/her where they find fault with your product/service.


Social media is all about people getting in contact with people, so it should be a human-like connection. Social accounts without human representation will not just work!   

Do not automate messages when human representation is needed. When replying to comments, reply with a message that personally addresses the person in question, and keep your emissions in check in case negative events come up. 

IN CONCLUSION: You Must avoid these Social Media Marketing Mistakes.

If you have not tried SMM, you have not started marketing! Social media is one of the best places to market any kind of product and service. Your audience is spread across the world, And you must find them to market yourself! Where else can you find them apart from social media?   

As SMM is rapidly growing, its gradually becoming more and more competitive day after day. Unless you avoid these social media marketing mistakes, you may not be successful on the SOCIAL.

Now, it’s your turn! What are the social media marketing mistakes you make that you think is bringing your struggle down? Let us know in the comment section.

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