Tips to write a blog post that attracts readers

Hello welcome to MKTProfit. Today I am going to share with you some tips to write a blog post what should go viral and attract readers. 

A lot of people spends more than four hours writing a blog post, and extra one hour editing and optimising it for seo. But at the end of the day, they find out that their blog isn’t getting any visitor. If you fall to this category, do not worry, cd you are not alone.

There are several reasons why your blogs aint performing well. I am going to list them later on, and discuss them one after the other. But first, let us look at the types of blog posts that people reads most.

Types of blog posts that attracts visistors

  1. List posts
  2. HOW-TOs guide
  3. Industrial Secrets
  4. Case Studies
  5. Argumentation
  6. Research
  7. Reviews
  8. Interviews

These are the types of blog posts you should start writing in other to get more traffic coming in from every angle. But you can’t just start writing, there are rules you should follow if you want to get people to actually read and stay long on your articles.

A good blog post does not only attract readers. It attracts social shares backlinks and email optins as well. So let’s look at how to create such posts

How to write a blog post that attracts readers

1. Spy on competitors

Neil’s Ubersuggets is a free tool to spy on your competitor and find out what post is driving them the most traffic. You only need to type in your competitor’s url and it will show you the best performing page, their traffic volumn and where those traffics are coming from.

Another tool (probably the best) to spy on competitors are ahref and semrush. Oh they are not free tools, but semrush has a free trial. (semrush free trial). These tools are more adanced than ubersugest.

They reason why you need to spy on your competitor is to write better contents than you already have on your website. When you get to know the best perfoming posts, you write to beat them!

In that way, you are not only writing to get readers, your traffics to boost and more backlinks will start coming.

2. Write better title tags

Here is the thing: if your title tag isn’t clear enough, people aren’t going to click through to read your content, and at worst, you wont get a beter rank on serch engines.

Title tags are important to SEO, that is one of the things that makes people want to click through your content. If it is a crap, no one will click on it at first.

3. Write short paragraphs

You may think this is crazy, but when texts cluster much on your blog posts, people gets too lazy to continue reading, and they will soon get away. Experts recommends that you split your paragraphs to 3-5 lines. If you take a look at MKTProfit, you will find out that even some of the paragraphs there are actually one line.

4. Use Engaging medias

Videos are engaging. When you use them properly on your blog posts, people are going to stay longer on them. Another kind of content that media that attracts readers and shares is Infographics. They are known as descriptive graphics. Here is an example

5. Always summarise

According to Neil Patel, majority of the people who come to your website will go down the bottom of the page to read your summary before deciding if they will read the post or not. I personally agree with that. Summary is where you give your professional advice. and trust me, people want to read them.

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