How to write a product page that converts.

If you own an eCommerce website, and you are wondering how to write a product page that will help encourage buyers and increase sales, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I am going to show you how to write a good product page that converts visitors into buyers at a single visit.

Heck! What’s a product page?

For the sake of first-timers, A product page is a page that describes all the features and specs of a product. This is a page that people read before they decide if they want to buy a product or not.

When you walk into a store to buy a product, you may want to ask the seller; “what are the features of this product?” and then he starts talking. That’s something a product page does – to tell about a product.

A product page isn’t a sales page/ sales letter

Often time, people think they are the same. But they are not.

A sales page tries to promote a product buy promising all kinds of benefits. But a product page tells only about the product, no promises.

Here is a quick example of the two…

A sales page –

A product page –

When you write a product page that converts, you will notice a significant increase in sales in as much as you have enough traffic to your online store.

So how do you write a product page that converts visitors into buyers?

Let’s get in!

How to write a product page that converts

1. Write a descriptive title

Product titles matter a lot in eCommerce. If the title isn’t clear enough, it may not get clicks and then nobody will buy them.

Writing a good product title requires you briefly describe the key features of the product on the title because some products may have deferent variants. For example, a smartphone may come in 3GB and 6GB RAM variants. When writing the title, you may have to state the variant, so that people looking for the other variant will not bother clicking through.

If a product is refurbished, you have to state it clearly that it is “refurbished”. You may also need to include “size”, “colour”, etc. take a look at the title below…

2. Write a detailed description

A product description is a thing people must read when they land on your product page. So you must have to include as much information as you can.

On the product description, you should describe what the product is like, what customers should expect when they get it. And you must not try to mislead.

When writing a product description, you should as well include graphics or even a video if possible. This is because visuals speak louder than just plain text. And people like to see the design and appearance of what they want to buy before they make payments.

If it is a Tech product, also list the full specifications.

3. Use good quality graphics

Pages with good graphics attract more attention than that which has a blurred or no image at all. Images should be at least 600 x 1200 pixels in shape and less than 100kb in size. Let it be clear as much as it can and have a plain background, preferable white background.

Just as I said earlier, people like to feel the look and appearance of the object they want to buy before they buy. So if you want to write a product page that converts, images should be attractive because it does 50% of the conversion.

To take a good product photo, get a nice camera and a portable lightbox from aliexpress. They cost about $29 And $49. respectively.

4. State if return/refund is acceptable

Each time I want to make any purchase on a website, two things I must check first are:

  • Shipping cost
  • Return/Refund policy

Believe me, you also check those, so do anyone who wants to but something from your website. If you are writing a product page, tell the people if the return is possible and that their money will be refunded in full. That way, they will hope to get the best from you.


It is not easy to convince anyone to buy a product from your website especially if you are new to the business. But when you have a good product page, you can easily convert your visitors into buyers.

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